The Pigeon Trainer and the Birmingham Roller by John Bender


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The Birmingham Roller Pigeon is a popular domesticated breed of performing pigeon, known for its beautiful aerial rotations when flying in teams for roller pigeon competitions. Scores are based on aerial performances in group unison along with duration and style.

In The Pigeon Trainer and the Birmingham Roller, pigeon fancier John Bender shares his decades-long journey to becoming the 1994 World Cup Champion in roller pigeon competition, sharing his tips on how he picked and trained his world-champion group of birds.

Whether you wish to fly competitively or simply raise pigeons for pure enjoyment, learn how to start your own family of rollers, house, and care for your pigeons, color-breeding, as well as training pigeons for competition. Learn the history of roller pigeons and their evolution from prehistoric times.

Guest writers include master flyer, Ken Easley, roller historian, Tom Monson, and pigeon scientist, Ben Novak. A great addition to your library or gift for the novice.

More than a book, The Pigeon Trainer and the Birmingham Roller is a complete full-color study-guide/field-manual for housing, raising, feeding, breeding, and flying pigeons. Whether you want to raise pigeons as a hobby, specifically for color breeding, or flying competitively The Pigeon Trainer and the Birmingham Roller cover all aspects of the fancier’s journey!

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