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Primary Benefits of Probiotic Health

PrimaLac products have been field tested and developed over the past four decades by a laboratory focused on one set of products for animals, unlike the competition that develops for wider use. PrimaLac products are designed to benefit poultry, livestock including swine and cattle, pigeons, aquaculture and many other animals. The benefits are achieved through several distinctive features:

  • Bacteria that colonizes the gut
  • A viable system of cultures grown together, kept viable through Thermo-Positive processing
  • The most stable probiotic on the market, with a 2 year shelf life

The Cultures

An essential PrimaLac distinction is in the viable organisms delivered to the animal. Only PrimaLac organisms attach to the wall of the animal intestinal tract, implanting, colonizing, and crowding out bad pathogenic bacteria. Other probiotics offered in the animal agriculture industry are transient, spore-forming bacteria that pass through the system and have limited effects.

What are Direct-Fed Microbials?

An innovative feature of PrimaLac products is their processing into a Direct-Fed Microbial (DFM), which makes for ideal bioavailability in the animal system. Most Direct-Fed Microbial products are based on a combination of Lactobacillus and Streptococcus products, but they are not all created equal. Veterinarians, feed companies, and animal agriculture producers face a market flooded with DFMs offering varying effectiveness.

The range of effectiveness includes:

  • DFMs with non-viable, dead microorganisms
  • Freeze-dried DFMs which will die rapidly unless cold-stored, and do not survive pelleting
  • Fermentation products with low shelf life, low bacterial count, and often the wrong bacterial sub-species

PrimaLac is the most research proven effective DFM on the market today

With a select sub-species of primary Lactobacillus and Streptococcus bacteria, the PrimaLac culture is the most effective probiotic for animal gastrointestinal health. A proprietary culturing method— transferring a viable liquid medium to dry medium— together with rigid quality control standards at every step, create a highly viable product which will survive warmer storage temperatures and deliver a reliably high number of beneficial organisms to animals.

PrimaLac Direct-Fed Microbials are available in a variety of delivery methods and formats.

Viability and stability from unique processing

In addition to its exclusive cell formulations developed for internal and environmental microbial balance, PrimaLac cultures are the most stable cultures on the market, with an extended shelf life of two years. This is accomplished using a proprietary Thermo-Positive System that keeps the live PrimaLac product viable during the heat and pressure of pelleting and extrusion.

Field, lab, and university research testing have proven PrimaLac to be the only probiotic with all of the following:

  • A stabilized gram count of live organisms per gram
  • Viable microorganisms with the ability to implant
  • Rigorous heat-resistance of microorganisms to feed-pelleting
  • Microorganism viability in the field when stored at room temperature and when mixed with all types of feed and other supplements
  • Direct-Fed Microbial processing

How Probiotics Benefit Pigeons

Like most animal agriculture, pigeons benefit from help maintaining the proper microbial balance of good and pathogenic bacteria. Since 1974, Star-Labs has worked to improve avian health and performance. PrimaLac microbial cultures are the industry leader for Direct-Fed Microbial probiotics for pigeons, offering breeders an edge in raising healthier and better performing birds.

Probiotic health up close

In pigeons and performing birds, PrimaLac has been shown to colonize the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria, crowding out pathogenic E. coli and Salmonella and reducing infections. PrimaLac probiotic use also creates a beneficial acidic gastrointestinal environment and produces more disease-fighting immunoglobulin proteins

Due to improved immune function, young bird mortality after weaning and viral infection in younger birds is also reported at lower rates. Fertility, egg production and bird growth improved. Pigeons also produce firmer droppings and improved feather quality.

PrimLac Pigeon Water Soluble is compatible with other medications.

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