NBRC Auction Rules & Requirements


Terms and Conditions


The auction site acts as a place for sellers to sell their Roller Pigeons or products and for bidders to bid on auction listings.




  1. Sellers must be NBRC paid members in good standing to be able to have items posted within the auction.
  2. Clubs holding auctions must be in good standing with the NBRC.
  3. The auction will last for 2 weeks unless arranged before the start of the auction.
  4. The seller will provide pictures and appropriately worded text for each listing.
  5. The seller is responsible for promoting the auction.
  6. Buyers need not be paid NBRC members.
  7. All bidders must be logged into the site to place a bid.
  8. Purchasers are responsible for shipping arrangements and payment of shipping to the seller. Purchases may be picked up in person after making arrangements with the seller.
  9. If a buyer backs out after the auction closes, the item will be offered to the next lowest bidder.
  10. Buyers have 5 days to pay the seller.
  11. Buyers not paying within 5 days will have their items offered to the next highest bidder. The NBRC reserves the option to block any buyer who does not pay for purchase. 
  12. Seller may request having the items listed individually and or in a group.
  13. Each individual listing posted will be charged $5 for the set-up fee plus 8% of the final sale. The set-up fee is charged whether the item sells or not.
  14. The NBRC reserves the right to refuse to post an item in any of the auctions.
  15. To avoid snipping, the auction times will be extended each time two bidders are bidding at the end of the items auction time. Auction sniping is the practice, in a timed online auction, of placing a bid likely to exceed the current highest bid (which may be hidden) as late as possible—usually seconds before the end of the auction—giving other bidders no time to outbid the sniper.
  16. All benefit auctions payouts will be sent directly to the beneficiary for which the auction is being held.
  17. There will be an additional charge to the buyers for an appropriate size new shipping box unless they are picking the birds up themselves. $28 for a 6 bird box . It is cheaper to mail these sizes boxes then to use the larger boxes when mailing them.

Payment to Seller


History has shown that most buyers will pay NBRC via Paypal when the auction closes.   NBRC will collect the funds, then all listing fees will be deducted before sending the bulk payment with itemization to the seller.


Right To Suspend or Terminate


NBRC has the right to terminate any member that does not fulfill a sale or purchase on an item sold or won.  Members not fulfilling their obligation will be banned and terminated from NBRC auction site.


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