Silhouettes of Raptors

This might seem an odd thing to have on the roller page.  However, being able to identify the raptors that live and fly in your area will help you develop a strategy for managing your roller kits.

For example, in the Midwest early morning and late evening are generally the safest time to fly with Coopers in the area.

In addition to the resident raptors you need to be aware of the migrating birds.   Your webmaster’s loft is a few short miles from confluence of the Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio Rivers.   Even thought the sprawling metro St Louis communities cover much of this area, the raptors migrate from north to south through here, bringing the falcons and other non-resident raptors through the area.


Here is another one showing eagles, buteos(red tails/red wings/red shouldered/broad wing), accipiters (coopers/sharpshinned/Goshawks), and falcons

Using these silhouettes you can get a basic idea of what is passing overhead or floating on the currents.

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