Duties for Holding NBRC Conventions


Hosting club duties

  1. Communicating and working with national club.
  2. Obtaining bids for hotels to host convention.
  3. Obtaining bids for buses.
  4. Obtaining bids for the t-shirts and hats.
  5. Obtaining flyers for convention
  6. Setting up a schedule for flyers.
  7. Finding donations for convention
  8. Designing t-shirts and hats
  9. Finding birds for convention auction ( if there is to be an auction)
  10. Having wrist bands and raffle tickets purchased for use when registering.
  11. Having club members to assist in registering members.
  12. Having club members to assist in selling raffle tickets.
  13. Assisting in setting up donations and raffle items at the banquet.
  14. Having drinks on the buses.


NBRC duties for convention

  1. Approving hosting club.
  2. Approving hosting hotel.
  3. Approving bus contract.
  4. Approving cost of t-shirts and hats.
  5. Approving t-shirts and hats design.
  6. Approving any items that are designed for the convention
  7. Selecting banquet meals.
  8. Paying for Secretary Treasurers  expense for travel and room 
  9. Paying expenses for banquet
  10. Paying for buses
  11. Paying for t-shirts and hats
  12. Paying for Final judges travel and hotel cost for convention.


Hosting clubs should communicate with the NBRC officers on a frequent basis.

 When looking for hotels to host the events, consideration besides the cost, is if the hotel is within walking distance of eateries and entertainment as many of those attending are flying to the convention.

Consideration for entertainment for those bringing their families for eating and activities.

The total cost of the convention should always be considered.

When obtaining bus bids, many of the bus companies require the routes being traveled when asking for the bids. Any additions at a later date will cost more.

Proximity of hotel to the airport. If a hotel has a shuttle to the airport.

If the hotel provides breakfast before buses will be leaving the hotel.

If a hotel will have a room for meet and greet?

Hosting club should work with the NBRC in setting up an agenda for the buses as well as the banquet.

Hosting club should have members to assist throughout the convention.

If motels do not have breakfast before buses leave, then the host club should plan for items to be there for bus riders.

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