Pigeon Lung

A Short Story by Mark Fields and a Link

In preparation for my early retirement I looked around for things that could fill my time.  I had lived a full life with work, family and lots of travel but had decided it was time to slow down a little.   I decided on Birmingham Rollers as I had raised and flown rollers as a kid up until the time I went to college.

I acquired stock and was beginning to make some progress when disaster struck.  I had respiratory infection after respiratory infection.   Finally the doctor told me all birds had to go and I had to move away from the agricultural dust.   I dispersed the birds, sold my place in the country and moved to town.  It was a low point for me.

My story is not all that unique.  Many have run up against the problem caused by breathing in the dust and dander generated by the birds.

When I decided I was bored beyond belief and no longer having respiratory issues I decided to get back into Rollers again, but this time focusing heavily on an extremely well ventilated setup.  To-date it has worked for me.

Pigeon Lung is one of those problems that is often talked about but not all that well understood.   Danny Sturgeon shared the link to a website in Britain that gives good information without going overly technical.

Click on this link to visit their site:  British Pigeon Fancier Medical Research

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