National Championship Fly

Photo courtesy of Jay Autry


The National Championship Fly is an integral part of the NBRC.  This competition allows fliers to compete with their peers and improve their programs.

Because there is so much fly data it is no longer practical to show it all as one big file.  To access a year’s fly records, click on the year below and a new page will open containing that year’s fly data.


On the pages, the Selection Feature is incredibly powerful, and more than one can be used at the same time.  It will display all the values available and you select those to include.  For example, you could select a Judge and the 11 Bird fly and see all the 11 Bird flys they judged that year.  To remove a selection, move your cursor over the value and click on it.

To use the Search Feature, simply type in the space provided.  It will search all data for the value you enter.    For example “Ferrell” would find everywhere he judged as well as any entry he had in a fly.

The data may be sorted by clicking the title.  Be aware, however, that there are blank lines inserted in the data to make it easier to read the entire file.  Depending on the sort you choose those blank lines may float to the top.

2019 – Annual Fly

2018 – Annual Fly

2017 – Henry & Billie Cook Memorial Fly

2016 – Annual Fly

2015 – Annual Fly

2014 – Annual Fly

2013 – Annual Fly

2012 – Annual Fly

2011 – Annual Fly

2010 – Annual Fly

2009 – Annual Fly

2008 – Annual Fly

2007 – Annual Fly

2006 – Annual Fly

2005 – Annual Fly

2004 – James Perri Memorial Fly

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