Sai Lee Benefit Auction


Ma Lee has set up this auction.

This auction is dedicated to help raise some funds in effort to relieve some of the financial burden for my younger brother Sai Lee who was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.

He received the news two weeks before Christmas of 2019 when it was supposed to be a time of joy and holiday celebration with the family but instead felt disheartened.

Sai married the love of his life Moua in 2018 and were just starting life together. They were filled with joy and excitement when they welcomed their first child in October 2019. Just two months later he received his diagnosis. The news that no one would ever wants to hear.

All proceeds will be donated towards his recovery. If anyone wants to donate instead of bidding on the auctions, they can send it to It’s linked to my paypal account and I will make sure he gets it.