NBRC Auctions

  1. Bidders need to read the rules before bidding. This auction will be a proxy bid auction. Birds may be picked up in person as long as those donating the birds agree to it.
  2. Bidding in the last 15 minutes of the auction will extend the auction time by 1 hour for each time someone bids. If you are bidding in an proxy auction, you can place a maximum bid and the system will bid on your behalf based on our bidding increments below at the lowest competitive price. Pricing increases (up to – but not beyond – your maximum bid) as other users bid on the work. Please note that maximum bid amounts are only executed if there is a competing bidder up to that amount.
  3. If you are a high bidder on any of these birds you will be expected to purchase the birds. Do not bid unless you want the birds
  4. At the conclusion of the auction, the winning bidder will be sent an invoice which will include all birds they were high bidder for plus the appropriate amount of new shipping boxes. We are recommending the 6 bird box for all orders. If purchasing more than 6 birds you should add another box. Boxes are also available in the online store.


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