The following links will take you to YouTube videos that you may find useful in training your young birds.

Banding Baby Pigeons


Nesting Material

Kirkpatrick Lofts- nesting material



making grit

Oyster shell grit

Jovati Grit



Weaning the squeakers

Identifying Good Rollers
Good Rollers 

From High Definition Rollers

The dates listed are the dates the videos were posted to Youtube.

How to feed and train

Training and homing roller pigeons

Breeding, flying and feeding Birmingham Rollers

Character and temperament

Day 1 Breeding

Day 1 – April 24 – Training 2019 Young birds.

Day 3 – April 28 – Birds getting comfortable jumping back and forth from outside pan to kitbox.  This is when they learn how to land

How to build a homing (trapping cage)
Day 4 training
Health, Medication, Training tips
Building breeding cages
Building a kitbox
Building Box perches
Young Birds
From Touhoua Yang: Portable loft
Portable loft training
Tou Vang: Drop-in style trap
Tou Vang: trap training
Trap training
Training young birds by Tou Vang
Training the first-round of the year
First babies at 3 months old
The second round of squeakers flying
Fourth time flying
using Jacobins to protect Rollers
Masterflier Kevin Monroe
Kitbox build
Catching and holding
The nest
Fostering Squabs
Tools of the trade
How to feed
Feed discussion
Gravity fed waterer
Pairing up birds
From Loft floor to kitbox
Shipping birds
Building Lofts
Ed’s Loft
Building a loft
Breeder small loft
Double Kitbox part 1
Double Kitbox Part 2
Double Kitbox
LKY Kitbox
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