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  1. The NBRC shall sponsor an annual flying competition, known as the National Championship Fly (NCF) consisting of two separate championship events – an 11 Bird Competition and 20 Bird Competition available to all current members. Membership must be current at the time the kit is flown in the regional competition, as well as the time the competitor’s kit is flown in the Finals for those who qualify. The competition will consist of qualifying competition for each participating region, followed by a Finals competition. Members must notify their Regional Director (RD) of the event or events they wish to enter in order to assist the RD in scheduling fly times to accommodate the judge and to coordinate a smooth itinerary. The official NBRC National Championship Fly Rules will govern the competition. The rules will be available to be viewed on the NBRC website and will be published in the NBRC Bulletin. Participants are requested to review and familiarize themselves with the rules so as to avoid confusion and controversy during the competition.
  2. In order to verify eligibility, the names of all fliers and entry fees must be received by the National Fly Director a minimum of fourteen days before the region conducts its qualifying fly. Regions who have not sent in the NBRC portion of the fees, and they have not been received by the NBRC Fly Director two weeks prior to the proposed date for their finals fly, will forfeit their finals fly and the finals judge will not be scheduled for their region.
  3. In order to arrange travel to the region for the Finals Judge, the regional competition should be completed a minimum of 14 days prior to the scheduled Finals date for that region. Should a region face challenges meeting this requirement, due to coordination of NCF and World Cup schedules within their region, they are to notify the National Fly Director for consideration of the timeline of this requirement.
  4. Region Directors must submit fliers names  and addresses along with $20 for each kit to the current flier director, no later then 2 weeks prior to the start of their qualifying round for their region.

Fly director:

John Kelly po box840, Bullard, Tx 75757

Check or money order for $20 per kit being flown. If you need score pads, you must also include that when sending your fliers names. NO scorepads sent unless you request it.

Paypal: select “Friends and Family”

those wanting to buy extra scorepads can buy them through the fly director at a cost of $15 per pad which includes the mailing cost. Be sure if mailing or paying by paypal that you include a note requesting which pads and the amount.


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