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FlierCountryYear MF AwardedDeceasedYearDescriptionFliersPlacingPointsLine Number
? ShonCA, USA2014WC REG377159240
A KrugerSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG623786462
Aaron JohnsonCANADA2006WC REG111407729
Abdul Alizadeh1992WC FINALS 14TH00208909
Abdul AlizadehCANADA1992WC REGIONAL ?0008908
Abel IbarraCA, USA1997NBRC REG0003262
Abel IbarraCA, USA2003WC REG221503261
Abel IbarraCA, USA2005NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD317403260
Abel IbarraCA, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD202353258
Abel IbarraCA, USA2006WC REG323303259
Abel IbarraCA, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD73103257
Abel IbarraCA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD201453254
Abel IbarraCA, USA2007WC FINALS7418103255
Abel IbarraCA, USA2007WC REG302453256
Abel IbarraCA, USA2008WC REG191453253
Abel IbarraCA, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD462973252
Abel IbarraCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD221443250
Abel IbarraCA, USA2009WC REG201403251
Abel IbarraCA, USA2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD432913249
Abel IbarraCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD153193248
Abel IbarraCA, USA2011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD522163244
Abel IbarraCA, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD333423245
Abel IbarraCA, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD335253246
Abel IbarraCA, USA2011WC REG251503247
Abel IbarraCA, USA2012WC REG275213243
Abel IbarraCA USA202220 Bird Regional11217
Abraham AvalosUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD91185377
Abraham AvalosUSA2014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD499595374
Abraham AvalosUSA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD212315375
Abraham AvalosUSA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD182275376
Adrian GaspariniAUSTRALIA2001ALL AUSTRALIAN FLY92301485
Adrian GaspariniAUSTRALIA2003WC REG191451484
Adrian GaspariniAUSTRALIA2005WC FINALS011501483
Adrian GaspariniAUSTRALIA2005WC REG0001482
Adrian GaspariniAUSTRALIA2008WC REG311601481
Adrian GaspariniAUSTRALIA2012WC REG204201480
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2009WC REG251503937
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2010WC REG253323936
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2010WC REG254253935
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2012WC REG151303933
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2012WC REG152233934
Adrian TaylorVA, USA20132012 NCF REG 11 BIRD131263932
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD141283929
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2013WC FINALS783683930
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2013WC REG151303931
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD201403927
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2014WC FINAL7414523926
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2014WC REG151303928
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION101203925
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG101203923
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2017WC REG223283924
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG101203920
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2018WC FINALS662573922
Adrian TaylorVA, USA2018WC REG151303921
Adrian TaylorUSA202211 Bird Regional 1E204205954
Advan BecarevicBOSNIA - HERZEGOVINA2015WC REG163208953
Al EoffUSA1999NBRC REG161456414
Al EoffUSA2008WC REG62306412
Al HuntUSA2006WC REG112306197
Al HuntUSA2007WC REG132306196
Al HuntUSA2008WC REG82306195
Al LunaAZ, USA1999WC REG151405237
Al LunaAZ, USA2000WC FINALS018105236
Al LunaAZ, USA2000WC REG0005235
Al LunaAZ, USA2003WC REG51405234
Al LunaAZ, USA2004WC REG0005233
Al LunaAZ, USA2005WC REG0005232
Al LunaAZ, USA2007WC REG92305231
Al LunaAZ, USA20102010 WC REG91185230
Al Mc Ateer JrUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD73108869
Al Mc Ateer JrUSA2007WC REG83108870
Al Perron (Deceased)USAYes2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD102308296
Alan DeweyCO, USA2004WC REG121403324
Alan DeweyCO, USA2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD138303322
Alan DeweyCO, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD0003323
Alan DeweyCO, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD91403321
Alan DeweyCO, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD102303319
Alan DeweyCO, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD111403320
Alan DeweyCO, USA2008WC REG191453318
Alan DeweyCO, USA2009WC FINALS7516383316
Alan DeweyCO, USA2009WC REG171343317
Alan DeweyCO, USA2010WC REG142213315
Alan DeweyCO, USA2011NCF FINALS 11 BIRD166243313
Alan DeweyCO, USA2011NCF REG 11 BIRD81163312
Alan DeweyCO, USA2011WC REG173223314
Alan DeweyCO, USA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5016253309
Alan DeweyCO, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD101203310
Alan DeweyCO, USA2012WC REG221443311
Alan DeweyCO, USA2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD236353304
Alan DeweyCO, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD91183303
Alan DeweyCO, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD112173305
Alan DeweyCO, USA2013WC FINALS782683306
Alan DeweyCO, USA2013WC REG121243307
Alan DeweyCO, USA2013WC REG122183308
Alan DeweyCO, USA2014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD4912443301
Alan DeweyCO, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD121243302
Alan DeweyCO, USA2015WC REG131263300
Alan MilneENGLAND1998WC FINALS041203710
Alan MilneENGLAND1998WC REG201453711
Alan MilneENGLAND2008WC REG132303709
Alan MilneENGLAND2014WC FINAL7471043707
Alan MilneENGLAND2014WC REG111223708
Alan MilneENGLAND2015WC FINAL7231373705
Alan MilneENGLAND2015WC REG151303706
Alan VernonENGLAND2010WC REG153199000
Albert E. SteckelPA, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD153196618
Albert E. SteckelPA, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD FINALS189226616
Albert E. SteckelPA, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION151306617
Albert OrtegaNM, USA2011WC REG152237881
Albert OrtegaNM, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD112177880
Albert WallisSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG261557156
Albie SteckelUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 1C11122
Alejandro LacuestaUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD113109559
Alex GonzalezAZ, USA2014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD4913396100
Alex GonzalezAZ, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD171346101
Alex GonzalezAZ, USA2015WC REG224226099
Alex Guerrero2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD509603527
Alex Guerrero2012NCF REG 20 BIRD193243528
Alex Guerrero2012WC FINALS749893529
Alex Guerrero2012WC REG361723530
Alex Guerrero2013NCF REG 20 BIRD161233524
Alex Guerrero2013WC REG313393526
Alex Guerrero2013WC REG314313525
Alex Guerrero2014WC FINAL743073521
Alex Guerrero2014WC REG221443522
Alex Guerrero2014WC REG223273523
Alex Guerrero2015NCF REG 20 BIRD121243519
Alex Guerrero2015NCF REG 20 BIRD122183520
Alex Guerrero2015NFC FINAL 20 BIRD358463518
Alex Guerrero2016WC FINAL5613453517
Alex Guerrero2017WC FINALS692273516
Alex Guerrero2017WC REG91183515
Alex Guerrero2018WC REG91183514
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031994WC FINALS014202255
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031994WC REG403402254
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031995WC FINALS09702252
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031995WC REG231502253
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031996NBRC REG203152250
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031996WC REG201452251
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031998NBRC FINALS09202248
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031998NBRC REG161452249
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031999WC FINALS015102246
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20031999WC REG232402247
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032000NBRC REG221502243
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032000NBRC REG223202242
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032000TX FLY112252245
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032000WC REG243202244
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032001ALL TX FLY 11 BIRD91402240
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032001ALL TX FLY 20 BIRD203202241
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032002NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD1211002239
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032002NBRC REG 11 BIRD101402238
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032003NBRC REG 20 BIRD193152236
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032003WC REG213202237
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD04702235
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032004NBRC REG 20 BIRD161452232
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032004NBRC REG 20 BIRD162352234
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032004WC REG281552233
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032005NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD312902231
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032005NBRC REG 11 BIRD81402229
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032005NBRC REG 20 BIRD142302228
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032005WC REG271552230
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032005WC REG273252227
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032006NBRC REG 20 BIRD242402225
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032006WC REG261552226
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032007NBRC REG 20 BIRD143102222
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032007WC FINALS7420102223
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032007WC REG281552224
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032008WC REG253202221
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032009NCF 20 BIRD REG141282220
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032010WC REG232352219
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032012WC REG234232218
Alex HamiltonTX, USA20032013WC REG122182217
Alex HamiltonUSA2021NCF 20 bird Reg. 6A10114
Alex HamiltonUSA2021NCF 20 bird Final26835
Alex HamiltonUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg 6A10215
Alfie ScottSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG0004459
Alfie ScottSOUTH AFRICA2008WC FINALS7461004457
Alfie ScottSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG252404458
Alfie ScottSOUTH AFRICA2009WC FINALS752384456
Alfie ScottSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG302454455
Ali DanielsUSA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD0005777
Ali DanielsUSA2008WC REG173155776
Ali DanielsUSA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD502355773
Ali DanielsUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD201405774
Ali DanielsUSA2012WC REG324325775
Ali DanielsUSA2014WC REG295215772
Ali DanilesCA, USA2015WC REG244248575
Alison VangCA,USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD112174868
Alison VangCA,USA2012WC REG163204869
Alison VangCA,USA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4414314866
Alison VangCA,USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD301604865
Alison VangCA,USA2013WC REG214214867
Alison VangCA,USA2014WC REG306154864
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2002NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD01010829
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2002NBRC REG28325830
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2006NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD32830828
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD13230827
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2015WC REGION22233826
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS32745824
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION11122825
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD FINALS321035822
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG8116821
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2017WC REG12124823
Allan WeaverAZ, USA2018WC REG8116820
Allan WeaverAR USA202220 Bird regional17321
Allen StephensenUSA1991WC REG222407801
Allen TurcotteUSA2008WC REG223208829
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122005NBRC REG 11 BIRD83103105
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122006NBRC REG 20 BIRD361653103
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122006WC FINALS6916103104
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122006WC REG0003102
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122007NBRC REG 20 BIRD381653100
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122007WC REG352503101
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122008WC REG341603099
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122009NCF REG 11 BIRD121243096
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122009WC REG452683098
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122009WC REG458143097
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122010WC REG5711143094
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122010WC REG574573095
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122011WC FINALS525393093
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122011WC REG522783092
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122012WC REG572863090
Alonzo CanoCA, USA20122012WC REG574573091
Alonzo JohnsonUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 9G20319
Alonzo JohnsonuUSA202211 Bird Regional 9G473596020
Alonzo JohnsonUSA202211 Bird Regional 9g476246023
Alton DavisCA, USA2004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD010103509
Alton DavisCA, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD422603510
Alton DavisCA, USA2004WC REG413403511
Alton DavisCA, USA2005WC FINALS012403507
Alton DavisCA, USA2005WC REG502653508
Alton DavisCA, USA2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4311433506
Alton DavisCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD201403505
Alton DavisCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD204203504
Alton DavisCA, USA2011WC REG302453502
Alton DavisCA, USA2011WC REG304303503
Alton DavisCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD204203500
Alton DavisCA, USA2012WC REG323403501
Alton DavisCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD182273497
Alton DavisCA, USA2013WC REG302453498
Alton DavisCA, USA2013WC REG303383499
Alton DavisCA, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD293363496
Andre CaraENGLAND2012WC REG305231149
Andre CaraENGLAND2013WC REG527211148
Andre CaraENGLAND2014WC FINAL7419151145
Andre CaraENGLAND2014WC REG402601146
Andre CaraENGLAND2014WC REG407161147
Andre CaraENGLAND2015WC FINAL7215431142
Andre CaraENGLAND2015WC REG312471143
Andre CaraENGLAND2015WC REG315231144
Andre PettwayUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg. 9G20130
Andres AvitiaCA, USA2013WC REG601069656
Andrew AndroutsosAUSTRALIA2011WC REG152235756
Andrew AndroutsosAUSTRALIA2013WC FINALS783285755
Andrew AndroutsosAUSTRALIA2013WC REG262395754
Andrew AndroutsosAUSTRALIA2014WC FINAL742875752
Andrew AndroutsosAUSTRALIA2014WC REG252385753
Andrew OttUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 3A20227
Andrew ThompsonENGLAND2011WC REG264268448
Andries GouwsSOUTH AFRICA1999WC FINALS010601550
Andries GouwsSOUTH AFRICA1999WC REG0001549
Andries GouwsSOUTH AFRICA2001WC FINALS5921401548
Andries GouwsSOUTH AFRICA2001WC REG0001547
Andy AndersonUSA1996NBRC REG 2/1500308199
Andy DawsonENGLAND2010WC FINALS778101270
Andy DawsonENGLAND2010WC REG23235271
Andy DawsonENGLAND2013WC REG52278269
Andy DawsonENGLAND2015WC FINAL727101267
Andy DawsonENGLAND2015WC REG31247268
Andy HerUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD53109576
Andy OttIll USA202211 Bird Regional 3A403505960
Andy OttIll USA202211 Bird final485776036
Andy OttIll USA202220 Bird Regional30430
Andy OttIll USA202220 Bird regional30523
Angel Alba2011NCF REG 20 BIRD412625659
Angel Alba2011NCF REG 20 BIRD415315660
Angel Alba2012WC REG577235658
Angel OchoaUSA2009WC REG112179081
Anthony AshleyUSA2009NBRC REG 11 BIRD102159192
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD43665372
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD20230371
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2010WC REG31524373
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2012WC REG32164370
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD29429369
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2015WC FINAL72327367
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2015WC REG24148368
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS321229364
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION8116365
Anthony FarmerCA, USA2016WC REGION19138366
Anthony KellyIRELAND2008WC REG82308256
Anton HornSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG375287043
Anton HornSOUTH AFRICA2013WC FINALS783787042
Anton HornSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG466237041
Anton MatjanecCROATIA2011WC REG142217102
Anton MatjanecCROATIA2012WC REG112177101
Anton MatjanecCROATIA2013WC REG153197100
Anton OostuizenSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG377159132
Antonio RuizCA, USA2010WC REG578185627
Antonio RuizCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD653815625
Antonio RuizCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD658205626
Aris PunlaCA, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD72304400
Aris PunlaCA, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD183154399
Aris PunlaCA, USA2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD196504397
Aris PunlaCA, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD0004398
Aris PunlaCA, USA2006NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD388304394
Aris PunlaCA, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD122304396
Aris PunlaCA, USA2006WC REG161454395
Aris PunlaCA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD171454391
Aris PunlaCA, USA2007WC FINALS7451104393
Aris PunlaCA, USA2007WC REG223204392
Aris PunlaCA, USA2008WC REG152304390
Armando VizcarraAZ, USA2013WC REG111228675
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2011WC REG523654408
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2012WC REG576294407
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD452674405
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2014WC REG405304406
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2015WC FINAL7261084404
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2016WC REGION353444403
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2017WC REG272424402
Arnold JacksonCA, USA2018WC REG265204401
Arnold JacksonCA USA202220 Bird regional40440
Arnold JacksonCA USA202220 Bird Regional40812
Arnold JacksonCA USA202220 Bird NCF Final471052
Arongio HargraveUSA2021NCF Reg 1E12124
Art HopkinsUSA1996WC FINALS019107394
Art HopkinsUSA1996WC REG413407395
Art LeeUSA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD0005797
Art LeeUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD182355796
Art LeeUSA2009WC REG162245795
Art LeeUSA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD111225793
Art LeeUSA2012WC REG161325794
Art MartinezCA. USA2012WC REG36527234
Art MartinezCA. USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD4599233
Art MartinezCA. USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION18136230
Art MartinezCA. USA2016WC REGION35170231
Art MartinezCA. USA2016WC REGION35253232
Art MartinezCA. USA2017WC FINALS694117229
Art MartinezCA. USA2017WC REG27154228
Arthur GarlandUSA202211 Bird Regional 9A121246005
Arthur GarlandCA USA202220 Bird regional40350
Arthur GarlandCA USA202220 Bird Regional 40620
Arthur JohnsonCA USA202220 Bird Regional40180
Arthur JohnsonCA USA202220 Bird NCF Finals47235
Arturo GaonaCA USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD484486629
Arturo GaonaCA USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION183236628
Arturo SanchezCA USA2023WC REG 19138
Arturo SanchezCA USA2023WC REG19229
Arturo SanchezCA USA2023WC FINAL78307
Ashley DrollingerUSA2013WC REG223288381
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071995WC FINALS09702338
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071995WC REG262452339
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071997LOCAL CLUB61152337
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071998LOCAL CLUB61152335
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071998NBRC REG151402336
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071999LOCAL CLUB62102332
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071999NBRC REG123102334
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20071999WC REG203152333
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072000LOCAL CLUB61152329
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072000NBRC REG92302331
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072000WC REG241502330
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072001WC REG271552328
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072002NBRC REG212402326
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072002WC FINALS08802327
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072002WC REG142302325
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072003NBRC REG 20 BIRD112302324
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD316502321
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072004NBRC REG 20 BIRD131402322
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072004NBRC REG 20 BIRD133102323
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072005WC REG173152320
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072007WC FINALS7441202317
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072007WC REG151402319
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072007WC REG152302318
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072009WC FINALS7517302316
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072009WC REG151232315
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA200720102010 WC REG101202314
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4313352311
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072010NCF REG 20 BIRD71142312
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072010WC FINALS7741312313
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5214372308
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072011NCF REG 20 BIRD101222306
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072011NCF REG 20 BIRD102152307
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072011WC FINALS742082310
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072011WC REG111222309
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD507702303
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072012NCF REG 20 BIRD101202304
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072012WC REG131262305
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072013NCF FINAL 20 BIRD443752302
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072013WC REG131262301
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD492252299
Aubrey ThibodeauxLA, USA20072014NFC REG 20 BIRD101202300
Austin BenjaminUSA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019102159204
Austin BenjaminUSA202211 Bird Regional 8C302456001
Austin FoxIRELAND2009WC REG8116140
Austin FoxIRELAND2011WC FINALS74989139
Austin FoxIRELAND2011WC REG15223138
Austin FoxIRELAND2012WC FINALS741185136
Austin FoxIRELAND2012WC REG22233137
Austin FoxIRELAND2014WC FINAL74267134
Austin FoxIRELAND2014WC REG24330135
B BezuidenhoutSOUTH AFRICA2001WC FINALS5919109453
B BezuidenhoutSOUTH AFRICA2001WC REG0009454
Barry ThorndykeUSA2005WC REG93109508
Barry WertzFL, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD132206872
Barry WertzFL, USA2015NCF FINAL 11 BIRD217296870
Barry WertzFL, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD71146871
Bayani BanaagUSA2008NBRC REG 20 BIRD103106590
Bayani BanaagUSA2009WC FINALS753086588
Bayani BanaagUSA2009WC REG161326589
Bayani BanaagUSA2014WC REG305226587
Beaver DaytonID, USA2003NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD0470693
Beaver DaytonID, USA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD10310691
Beaver DaytonID, USA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD15140690
Beaver DaytonID, USA2003WC REG21235692
Beaver DaytonID, USA2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD13740688
Beaver DaytonID, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD16315689
Beaver DaytonID, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD11140687
Beaver DaytonID, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD11310685
Beaver DaytonID, USA2006WC REG26245686
Beaver DaytonID USA202220 Bird Regional20325
Beaver DaytonID USA2023WC REG32340
Bee VangUSA202211 Bird Regional 4A214215975
Bee YangUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 4A13124
Ben SubkeSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG624625983
Ben SubkeSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG306155982
Ben SubkeSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG546275981
Ben Van HeerdenSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG603556021
Ben Van HeerdenSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG454456020
Ben WinklemanUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD314315182
Ben WinklemanUSA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD448585181
Ben WinklemanUSA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD102155180
Ben WinklemanUSA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION102155179
Ben WinklemanUSA2017WC REG121215178
Bennie FordUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD371656408
Bennie FordUSA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD498156407
Bennie HerbstSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG0006958
Bennie HerbstSOUTH AFRICA2004WC REG00306957
Bennie HerbstSOUTH AFRICA2005WC REG0006956
Bennie HerbstSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG112306955
Bernard ShawCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD183238611
Bert SchweigertUSA2004WC REG143107716
Bert SchweigertUSA2006WC REG132307715
Bill BlackUSA1996NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD010107314
Bill BlackUSA1996NBRC REG 20 BIRD81407315
Bill CarlsonUSA1997WC REG113108781
Bill CarlsonUSA1998WC REG153108780
Bill CriderUSA2004WC REG182355783
Bill CriderUSA2009NCF 20 BIRD FINALS4611465782
Bill CriderUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD212325781
Bill MoodyUSA1997NBRC REG173109428
Bill MurkleyUSA1996NBRC REG 20 BIRD231507324
Bill OcallahanENGLAND1994WC FINALS08805477
Bill OcallahanENGLAND1994WC REG0005476
Bill OcallahanENGLAND2006WC REG122305474
Bill RoyMO, USA1998NBRC REG20315157
Bill RoyMO, USA2000WC FINALS01510155
Bill RoyMO, USA2000WC REG26240156
Bill RoyMO, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD21150154
Bill RoyMO, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD20235153
Bill RoyMO, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD46225149
Bill RoyMO, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD31339150
Bill RoyMO, USA2009WC FINALS75268151
Bill RoyMO, USA2009WC REG27154152
Bill RoyMO, USA2011WC FINALS741823148
Bill RoyMO, USA2011WC REG30245147
Bill RoyMO, USA2012NCF FINAL 20 BIRD50405145
Bill RoyMO, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD20230146
Bill RoyMO, USA2013WC REG25519144
Bill SmithUSA1993WC REG131407885
Bill WashingtonUSA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD73109538
Bill WatsonUSA2002WC REG533507247
Bill WilliamsUSA2019WC FINALS 2019582567474
Bill WilliamsUSA2019WC REG 2019272417473
Billy DyerID, USA2010WC REG28521416
Billy DyerID, USA2011WC REG29337415
Billy DyerID, USA20122011 NCF FINALS 11 BIRD16331414
Billy DyerID, USA20122011 NCF REG 11 BIRD10120413
Billy DyerID, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD10215412
Billy DyerID, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD FINALS18725408
Billy DyerID, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION10120410
Billy DyerID, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION10120409
Billy DyerID, USA2016WC REGION17226411
Billy DyerID, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG10215405
Billy DyerID, USA2017WC FINALS69257407
Billy DyerID, USA2017WC REG20140406
Billy DyerID, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 201912218403
Billy DyerID, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 201910120402
Billy DyerID, USA2019WC REG 201927327404
Billy HolleranKY USA2023WC REG22422
Billy KecklerUSA1999WC REG221507292
Billy MoffettNORTHERN IRELAND2007WC REG83105939
Billy MoffettNORTHERN IRELAND2012WC FINALS7412675938
Billy MoffettNORTHERN IRELAND2012WC REG151305937
Billy ReynoldsIll USA202220 Bird regional30245
Billy ReynoldsIll USA202220 Bird NCF Finals471714
Bily DyerUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 8C11120
Bily DyerUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Final16332
Blake CoatesUT, USA2007NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD47830721
Blake CoatesUT, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD000722
Blake CoatesUT, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD19145723
Blake CoatesUT, USA2007WC REG32160724
Blake CoatesUT, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD20420719
Blake CoatesUT, USA2010WC REG27241720
Blake CoatesUT, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD16132718
Blake CoatesUT, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD10215716
Blake CoatesUT, USA2012WC REG40440717
Blake CoatesUT, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD12218715
Bo BrownUSA2014NCF REG 11 BIRD6299640
Bob AdamsUSA2009WC REG222338111
Bob BaxterUSA1998WC REG161457598
Bob BialaszewskiCANADA1995WC REG153107264
Bob BialaszewskiCANADA1996WC REG131407263
Bob BoisvertUSA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD52308276
Bob BrownUSA1999MISSOURI STATE FLY142307007
Bob BrownUSA2000MISSOURI STATE FLY102307006
Bob GolsonUSA2003WC FINALS016107030
Bob GolsonUSA2003WC REG211507031
Bob HallettENGLAND2008WC REG253207858
Bob HallettENGLAND2009WC REG204207857
Bob HordUSA2021NCF 20 bird Reg 3A11215
Bob KuehneUSA1999WC REG253258501
Bob MunsonUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD111405903
Bob MunsonUSA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION131265902
Bob MunsonUSA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG112175901
Bob MunsonUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019213265900
Bob PetersonUSA2005WC REG143107243
Bob PetersonUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD141407242
Bob SchultheissUSA2001OK STATE FLY1139277
Bob ScottTX, USA2012WC REG153198969
Bob ScottUSA202211 Bird Regional 6A102155979
Bob SouthallUSA1995NBRC REG563505821
Bob SouthallUSA1997WC FINALS012405820
Bob SouthallUSA1997WC REG0005819
Bob SouthallUSA2001NBRC REG0005818
Bob SouthallUSA2014WC REG111225817
Bob SparkmanUSA2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD2324954
Bob SparkmanUSA2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD2334455
Bob SparkmanUSA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD4326552
Bob SparkmanUSA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD4335453
Bob SparkmanUSA2013WC REG2542556
Bob SparkmanUSA2014WC REG3517051
Bob SparkmanUSA2015NCF FINAL 11 BIRD21112149
Bob SparkmanUSA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD2023050
Bob SparkmanUSA2017WC REG1813648
Bob WareUSA1996NBRC REG133107721
Bob WareUSA2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD112307720
Bob Wentzel - Jim CoffmanWI, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD93109488
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1995NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD03802880
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1995NBRC REG 20 BIRD231502881
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1996MO STATE FLY141502879
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1997MO STATE FLY152252875
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1997MO STATE FLY153152878
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1997NBRC FINALS02902877
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1997NBRC REG201452874
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1997WC REG313352876
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1998MO STATE FLY151502873
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1999MO STATE FLY152252869
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1999NBRC FINALS03802872
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1999NBRC REG111402871
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes1999WC REG263252870
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes2001NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD343802868
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD241502867
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes2001WC REG301552866
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes2002WC REG311602865
Bob WestfallMO, USA2001Yes2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD212402864
Bobbie BushCA, USA2012WC REG101205674
Bobbie BushCA, USA2015WC REG102155673
Bobbie BushCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION81165671
Bobbie BushCA, USA2016WC REGION111225672
Bobbie BushCA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3213265670
Bobbie BushCA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG81165669
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2000NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD02903548
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2000NBRC REG 20 BIRD121403547
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD52303546
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD121403545
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2001WC REG303253544
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2002NBRC REG 20 BIRD202353542
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2002WC REG182353543
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD211503541
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2003WC FINALS010603540
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2003WC REG141403538
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2003WC REG143103539
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD92303537
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2005WC REG262453535
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2005WC REG263253536
Bobby Bradley (Deceased)TN, USAYes2007WC REG162353534
Bobby KennedyNORTHERN IRELAND2013WC REG153198980
Bobby KingCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION181368002
Bobby RapozaHI, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4614331054
Bobby RapozaHI, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD142211053
Bobby RapozaHI, USA20102010 WC REG141281052
Bobby RapozaHI, USA2011WC FINALS743581051
Bobby RapozaHI, USA2011WC REG181361050
Bobby RapozaHI, USA20122011 NCF FINALS 20 BIRD526781049
Bobby RapozaHI, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD111221048
Bobby RapozaHI, USA2013WC REG253321047
Bobby ReynoldsUSA202211 Bird Regional 3A404405961
Bobby ReynoldsUSA202211 Bird Regional 3A406205963
Bobby WilsonCA, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD113104799
Bobby WilsonCA, USA2009WC REG303384798
Bobby WilsonCA, USA2010WC REG312474797
Bobby WilsonCA, USA2014WC REG292434795
Bobby WilsonCA, USA2014WC REG294294796
Boris KaticAUSTRALIA2012WC REG203255946
Boris KaticAUSTRALIA2013WC FINALS782785945
Boris KaticAUSTRALIA2013WC REG261525943
Boris KaticAUSTRALIA2013WC REG265205944
Boris RecekSLOVENIA2012WC REG131261532
Boris RecekSLOVENIA2012WC REG132201533
Boris RecekSLOVENIA2013WC FINALS789941531
Boris RecekSLOVENIA2013WC REG141281530
Boris RecekSLOVENIA2014WC REG161321529
Brad HogganUT, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD203258493
Brad WinwardUT, USA1998UT CLUB101153614
Brad WinwardUT, USA1999NBRC REG203153613
Brad WinwardUT, USA1999UT STATE CLUB102103612
Brad WinwardUT, USA2001UT STATE CLUB51103611
Brad WinwardUT, USA2005WC REG323203610
Brad WinwardUT, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD463883608
Brad WinwardUT, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD192283609
Brad WinwardUT, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD102153606
Brad WinwardUT, USA2010WC REG273343607
Brad WinwardUT, USA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5017203604
Brad WinwardUT, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD283353605
Brad WinwardUT, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD193243603
Brad WinwardUT, USA2014WC REG284283602
Brad WinwardUT, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD221443600
Brad WinwardUT, USA2015WC REG265203601
Brad WinwardUT, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3216163596
Brad WinwardUT, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION191383597
Brad WinwardUT, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION193243598
Brad WinwardUT, USA2016WC REGION314313599
Brad WinwardUT, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG204203595
Brad WinwardUT, USA2018WC REG192293594
Braian McCormickCA USA202220 Bird NCF Finals47389
Brandon KneppUSA2009NCF FINALS 11 BIRD193376769
Brandon KneppUSA2009NCF REG 11 BIRD202306768
Brandt WilkID USA202220 Bird Regional20420
Branko CalinaCANADA2011WC REG111227687
Branko CalinaCANADA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD214217686
Branko MastelicCROATIA2010WC REG16224816
Branko MastelicCROATIA2013WC FINALS741174815
Branko MastelicCROATIA2013WC REG15130814
Branko MastelicCROATIA2014WC FINAL74896812
Branko MastelicCROATIA2014WC REG10120813
Branko MastelicCROATIA2015WC FINAL72387810
Branko MastelicCROATIA2015WC REG18136811
Brenda Billings (Deceased)USAYes2009NCF REG 11 BIRD142215953
Brenda Billings (Deceased)USAYes2009NCF REG 20 BIRD132205954
Brenda Billings (Deceased)USAYes2011WC REG294295952
Brenda Billings (Deceased)USAYes2012NCF REG 11 BIRD132205950
Brenda Billings (Deceased)USAYes2012NCF REG 20 BIRD102155951
Brent AxselSOUTH AFRICA2015WC FINAL722275664
Brent AxselSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG5411085665
Brent BlackUSA2000WC REG263258486
Brent MartindaleUSA1999NBRC REG 20 BIRD123105883
Brent MartindaleUSA2000NBRC REG 11 BIRD32305882
Brent MartindaleUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD112305881
Brent MartindaleUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD51405880
Brent Timeus (Deceased)USAYes1991WC FINALS02140838
Brent Timeus (Deceased)USAYes1991WC REG33330839
Brent Timeus (Deceased)USAYes1997NBRC FINALS0650836
Brent Timeus (Deceased)USAYes1997NBRC REG12230837
Brent Timeus (Deceased)USAYes2009WC REG8116835
Brent Timeus (Deceased)USAYes2010NCF REG 20 BIRD20420834
Brian AndrewsCA, USA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG204208857
Brian BruggemeierUSA1993WC REG322504353
Brian BruggemeierUSA1994WC FINALS07904351
Brian BruggemeierUSA1994WC REG202454352
Brian BruggemeierUSA1998WC REG322454350
Brian BruggemeierUSA2000MN STATE FLY111504348
Brian BruggemeierUSA2000WC REG221404349
Brian BruggemeierUSA2001MN STATE FLY73154347
Brian BruggemeierUSA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD101404346
Brian BruggemeierUSA2003WC REG162354345
Brian Felty1999KITMASTERS CLUB51108919
Brian FeltyUSA2004WC REG263108918
Brian GoodwinTX, USA2011WC REG141285961
Brian GoodwinTX, USA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5018155958
Brian GoodwinTX, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD171345959
Brian GoodwinTX, USA2012WC REG141285960
Brian JacobsonUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD223204507
Brian JacobsonUSA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4616234506
Brian JacobsonUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD191384505
Brian JacobsonUSA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD223284503
Brian JacobsonUSA2015WC REG263334504
Brian JacobsonUSA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION204204502
Brian JacobsonUSA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG203254501
Brian JacobsonUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 7A10215
Brian KrogCANADA2000WC REG333307906
Brian KrogCANADA2002WC REG83107905
Brian LockhartSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG372567116
Brian LockheartSOUTH AFRICA2000WC REG0007319
Brian LongestVA, USA2007NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD139201460
Brian LongestVA, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD101401461
Brian LongestVA, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD122181459
Brian LongestVA, USA2017WC REG222331458
Brian LongestVA, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG102151456
Brian LongestVA, USA2018WC REG153191457
Brian LongestVA, USA2019WC FINALS 2019582961455
Brian LongestVA, USA2019WC REG 2019161321453
Brian LongestVA, USA2019WC REG 2019162241454
Brian LongestUSA2021NCF 11 bird Reg. 1E14218
Brian LongestUSA202211 Bird Regional 1E201405951
Brian LongestUSA202211 Bird Final4812436033
Brian MccormickCA, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD332504424
Brian MccormickCA, USA2005NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD319204422
Brian MccormickCA, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD283254423
Brian MccormickCA, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD203154420
Brian MccormickCA, USA2006WC REG322504421
Brian MccormickCA, USA2007NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD329204418
Brian MccormickCA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD131404419
Brian MccormickCA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD202354417
Brian MccormickCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD223284415
Brian MccormickCA, USA2009WC REG204204416
Brian MccormickCA, USA2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD432044413
Brian MccormickCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD152234412
Brian MccormickCA, USA2010WC REG213274414
Brian MccormickCA, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 201981164409
Brian MccormickCA, USA2019WC FINALS 2019582264411
Brian MccormickCA, USA2019WC REG 2019111224410
Brian McCormickUSA2021NCF 20 bird Reg 9B22227
Brian McCormickUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Final26168
Brian McCormickUSA202211 Bird Regional 9B121246007
Brian McCormickUSA202211 Bird Final4814346047
Brian McCormickCA USA202220 Bird Regional31162
Brian McCormickCA USA202220 Bird Regional31339
Brian McCormickCA USA202220 Bird NCF Final47671
Brian McCormickCA USA2023 WC REG18136
Brian McCormickCA USA2023WC FINAL781449
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2005WC FINALS051104343
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2005WC REG0004344
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2006WC FINALS6921404342
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG0004341
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG0004340
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG316164339
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2010WC FINALS7713624337
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG183234338
Brian MckenzieSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG301604336
Brian MillerUSA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD72308215
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes1998NBRC REG151403803
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes1998WC FINALS07403805
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes1998WC REG222503804
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes1999NBRC REG151403802
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2000NBRC REG172353801
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2000WC REG161453800
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2001WC REG193153799
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2002NERC CLUB221253798
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2002WC REG202353797
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD103103796
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2003WC REG193153795
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD72303794
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2006WC REG91303793
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD111403792
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD81403791
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2009WC REG153193790
Brian Ridley (Deceased)MA, USAYes2011WC REG102153789
Brian SappokCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD112177507
Brian SappokCA, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD202307506
Bruce ChurchCANADA1993WC FINALS09705354
Bruce ChurchCANADA1993WC REG01405353
Bruce ChurchCANADA2005WC REG163155352
Bruce ChurchCANADA2007WC REG133105351
Bruce GordonNE, USA2012WC REG224226888
Bruce GordonNE, USA2014WC REG71146887
Bruce GordonNE, USA2016WC REGION172266886
Bruce HallUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD91407836
Bruce HoweryTX, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD122186668
Bruce HoweryTX, USA2009WC REG91186669
Bruce HoweryTX, USA20102010 WC REG131266666
Bruce HoweryTX, USA2010WC FINALS773586667
Bruce JacksonUSA2006NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD3811001111
Bruce JacksonUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD133101112
Bruce JacksonUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD103101110
Bruce JacksonUSA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD213271108
Bruce JacksonUSA2010WC REG201401109
Bruce JacksonUSA2011WC REG314311107
Bruce JacksonUSA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION91181106
Bruce JacksonUSA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG102151105
Bruce KlajdaUSA2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD112305205
Bruce KlajdaUSA2002WC REG101405204
Bruce KlajdaUSA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD123105202
Bruce KlajdaUSA2003WC REG52305203
Bruce KlajdaUSA2006WC REG112305201
Bryan LayUT, USA2007WC REG3225047
Bryan LayUT, USA2008WC REG2332046
Bryan LayUT, USA2009NCF REG 11 BIRD1012044
Bryan LayUT, USA2009WC REG2232845
Bryan LayUT, USA20102010 WC REG2715443
Bryan LayUT, USA2011WC REG2642642
Bryan LayUT, USA20122011 NCF REG 11 BIRD1121741
Bryan LayUT, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD1412839
Bryan LayUT, USA2013WC REG3161640
Bryan LayUT, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD1212438
Bryan LayUT, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD1922937
Bryan LayUT, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD FINALS1872536
Bryan LayUT, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG1913835
Bryan LayUT, USA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG1322034
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2002WC FINALS601150397
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2002WC REG000398
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2003WC FINALS02140396
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG000395
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2004WC REG31250394
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG31162393
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG18227392
Buks KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG30615391
Bully BischoffSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG231467521
Butch ShortUSA1993WC REG282457611
Byron GableUSA2003WC FINALS015107151
Byron GableUSA2003WC REG262457152
C M PotorffPA, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD251507341
C PuthSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG357147998
C PuthSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG315237997
Calvin CresswellSOUTH AFRICA2008WC FINALS7416105043
Calvin CresswellSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG0005044
Calvin CresswellSOUTH AFRICA2009WC FINALS7512685042
Calvin CresswellSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG351705041
Calvin JohnsonUSA2003WC REG532704973
Calvin JohnsonUSA2014WC REG406204972
Calvin JohnsonUSA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD141284971
Calvin JohnsonUSA2017WC REG273354970
Camillo PaciUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD122308183
Carl BrakerTX, USA2017WC REG163208833
Carl DevilleTX USA202220 Bird Regional11217
Carl HardestyUSA1991WC FINALS061005075
Carl HardestyUSA1991WC REG0005074
Carl HardestyUSA2004NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD08305073
Carl HardestyUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD183155072
Carlos CornejoUSA1999WC FINALS014205096
Carlos CornejoUSA1999WC REG172355095
Carlos CornejoUSA2002WC FINALS607905093
Carlos CornejoUSA2002WC REG0005094
Carlos EasleyTX, USA1996NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD0830126
Carlos EasleyTX, USA1996NBRC REG 20 BIRD22150125
Carlos EasleyTX, USA1997WC FINALS01810123
Carlos EasleyTX, USA1997WC REG000124
Carlos EasleyTX, USA1999NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD0470121
Carlos EasleyTX, USA1999NBRC REG 20 BIRD16315122
Carlos EasleyTX, USA2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD14230120
Carlos EasleyTX, USA2001WC REG19145119
Carlos EasleyTX, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD5310118
Carlos EasleyTX, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD14230117
Carlos EasleyTX, USA2007WC REG28245116
Carlos EasleyTX, USA2008WC REG25150115
Carlos GutierrezIA, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD111228659
Carlos ParraCA, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD91189041
Carlos RamirezCA, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD111227968
Carlos RamirezCA, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD81167967
Carroll SongyUSA2009WC REG153198992
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2003WC REG261551168
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2006WC REG173151167
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2007WC REG161451166
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2018WC FINALS6616331165
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2018WC REG181361164
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2019WC FINALS 20195814411163
Casey StrzelewiczUSA2019WC REG 2019152231162
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2007WC FINALS748803149
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2007WC REG101403148
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2008WC FINALS7418103147
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2008WC REG101403145
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2008WC REG102303146
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2009WC FINALS7551203144
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2009WC REG121243143
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2009WC REG122183142
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2010WC FINALS7731473140
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2010WC REG141283141
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2011WC FINALS7413603139
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2011WC REG141283138
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2013WC FINALS7861173137
Cedomir LuburicSERBIA2013WC REG142213136
Cedric LeitonSOUTH AFRICA2006WC FINALS6918109543
Cedric LeitonSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG0009542
Cesar AvalosUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD 3/1000106238
Cesar AvalosUSA2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD2310266236
Cesar AvalosUSA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD81166235
Cesar AvalosUSA2013WC REG273346237
Chad PurleeUSA2010WC REG204208891
Chandler Grover (Deceased)USAYes1993WC FINALS011506436
Chandler Grover (Deceased)USAYes1993WC REG333306435
Charles Daves Jr.USA1996NBRC REG83109600
Charles JoubertSOUTH AFRICA2006WC FINALS6919106495
Charles JoubertSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG0006494
Charles JoubertSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG482656493
Charles McfaddenUSA2013WC REG254258464
Charley HickeyUSA1996WC REG123109596
Charlie GonzalezUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 7B11217
Charlie GonzalezUSA202211 Bird Regional 7B101205991
Charlie GonzalezUSA202211 Bird Final4818146044
Charlie GonzalezAR USA202220 Bird Regional17226
Charlie GonzalezAR USA202220 Bird NCF Finals471919
Charlie GonzalezAR USA2023WCREG15223
Charlie GonzalezAR USA2023WC REG15319
Charlie GonzalezAZ USA2023WC FINAL783133
Charlie GroutUK2013WC FINALS782586973
Charlie GroutUK2013WC REG524526972
Charlie StackUSA2006NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD3211004363
Charlie StackUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD81404362
Charlie StackUSA2006WC FINALS7413304364
Charlie StackUSA2006WC REG211504365
Charlie StackUSA2007WC REG193154361
Charlie StackUSA2009WC REG254194360
Charlie StackUSA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS323614358
Charlie StackUSA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION81164359
Charlie StackUSA2017WC REG112174357
Charlie StackUSA2018NCF 11 BIRD FINALS157214356
Charlie StackUSA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG101204355
Charlie StackUSA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG101204354
Chris CoxUSA2006WC REG142305896
Chris CoxUSA2013WC REG153195895
Chris CoxUSA2014NCF REG 11 BIRD203255894
Chris CoxUSA2014NCF REG 11 BIRD204205893
Chris CoxUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019102155892
Chris CoxUSA202211 Bird Regional 1E202305952
Chris CoxUSA202211 Bird Final482056034
Chris CoxUSA202211 Bird Regional 1E203255953
Chris EddittsENGLAND2007WC REG253208895
Chris GibsonUK2013WC REG526268430
Chris GrantIN, USA2013NCF441996126
Chris GrantIN, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD202306127
Chris GrantIN, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD182276124
Chris GrantIN, USA2014WC REG355266125
Chris HaggardUSA2002OGDEN CLUB FLY51107535
Chris HaggardUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD192357534
Chris HaversENGLAND1995WC FINALS015106826
Chris HaversENGLAND1995WC REG372556825
Chris PadillaCA. USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD496257489
Chris PadillaCA. USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD456227488
Chris SaabyeCA, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD466691188
Chris SaabyeCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD91181187
Chris SaabyeCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD111221185
Chris SaabyeCA, USA2010WC REG314311186
Chris SaabyeCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD305231184
Chris SaabyeCA, USA2014NFC FINAL 20 BIRD494831183
Chris SchneiderUSA2011WC REG295228703
Chris ShortUSA2018WC REG91189017
Chris ShupeUSA2015WC REG295227662
Chris ShupeUSA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019111227661
Chris TalidisAUSTRAILIA2014WC FINAL7451184785
Chris TalidisAUSTRAILIA2014WC REG251504786
Chris VenterSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG263258519
Christian CastroCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD214218771
Christopher PrinceUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD312507416
Chuck BallNC, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD101208961
Chuck RoeCA, USA1997NBRC FINALS0470451
Chuck RoeCA, USA1997NBRC REG15140452
Chuck RoeCA, USA1998WC FINALS01060449
Chuck RoeCA, USA1998WC REG000450
Chuck RoeCA, USA2002NBRC REG000447
Chuck RoeCA, USA2002WC REG32155448
Chuck RoeCA, USA2003NCRC CLUB5110446
Chuck RoeCA, USA2004WC REG18315445
Chuck RoeCA, USA2005WC REG18145444
Chuck RoeCA, USA2006WC REG15230443
Chuck RoeCA, USA2007WC REG15310442
Chuck ThompsonUSA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD233298358
Cj ScherrmanIA, USA2011WC REG244246001
Cj ScherrmanIA, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD213266000
Cj ScherrmanIA, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD112175999
Cj ScherrmanIA, USA2016WC REGION181365998
Clay HoyleNC, USA20031996WC REG193151680
Clay HoyleNC, USA20031998DSRC CLUB71151679
Clay HoyleNC, USA20031998NBRC REG101401678
Clay HoyleNC, USA20031999DSRC CLUB81151675
Clay HoyleNC, USA20031999NBRC FINALS02901676
Clay HoyleNC, USA20031999NBRC REG101401677
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032000DSRP CLUB51101673
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032000NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD06501674
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032000NBRC REG 11 BIRD103101672
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032000WC FINALS061001670
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032000WC REG101401671
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032001DSRP CLUB41101667
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032001NBRC REG 11 BIRD113101669
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032001NBRC REG 20 BIRD101401666
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032001WC REG103101668
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032002NBRC REG152301665
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032002NC STATE FLY91501664
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032003NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD03801662
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032003NBRC REG 11 BIRD212401661
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032003WC REG122301663
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032004NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD05601659
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032004NBRC REG 11 BIRD161451657
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032004WC FINALS010601660
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032004WC REG151401658
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032005NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD3111001654
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032005NBRC REG 11 BIRD193151655
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032005NBRC REG 20 BIRD81401656
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032006NBRC REG 11 BIRD113101652
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032006NBRC REG 20 BIRD72301653
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032006WC FINALS6951101650
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032006WC REG231501651
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032007NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD137401645
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032007NBRC REG 11 BIRD181451646
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032007NBRC REG 11 BIRD92301648
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032007NBRC REG 20 BIRD82301647
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032007NBRC REG 20 BIRD83101649
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032009WC FINALS7515451644
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032009WC REG251501643
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032010NCF FINALS 11 BIRD172361640
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032010NCF REG 11 BIRD131261641
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032010WC REG211421642
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032011NCF FINALS 11 BIRD162341636
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032011NCF REG 11 BIRD81161637
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032011WC REG152231638
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032011WC REG153191639
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032012WC FINALS7461111634
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032012WC REG181361635
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032013NCF REG 11 BIRD101201633
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032014NFC REG 11 BIRD102151632
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032017NCF 11 BIRD FINALS182381631
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032017NCF 11 BIRD REG111221630
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032018NCF 11 BIRD REG102151629
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032018NCF 20 BIRD REG102151628
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019153191625
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019102151624
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032019WC FINALS 20195811581627
Clay HoyleNC, USA20032019WC REG 2019141281626
Clay PalamidesWA, USA2000NBRC REG183156534
Clay PalamidesWA, USA2003WC REG213206533
Clay PalamidesWA, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD103106532
Clay PalamidesWA, USA2005WC REG 20 BIRD233206531
Clay PalamidesWA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD103106530
Clayton LeuUSA2008WC REG123108166
Clayton LeuUSA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD101208165
Clem PretoriusSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG303386296
Clem PretoriusSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG314316294
Clem PretoriusSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG316166295
Cliff BallNC, USA20072007 NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD163803636
Cliff BallNC, USA20072007 NBRC REG 11 BIRD91403635
Cliff BallNC, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD81403631
Cliff BallNC, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD82303633
Cliff BallNC, USA2007WC FINALS7414203634
Cliff BallNC, USA2007WC REG212403632
Cliff BallNC, USA2008WC REG191453630
Cliff BallNC, USA2009WC REG253323629
Cliff BallNC, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD132203628
Cliff BallNC, USA2011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5212473624
Cliff BallNC, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD91183625
Cliff BallNC, USA2011WC FINALS742983627
Cliff BallNC, USA2011WC REG151303626
Cliff BallNC, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD102153622
Cliff BallNC, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD102153623
Cliff BallNC, USA2014NCF FINAL 11 BIRD219253620
Cliff BallNC, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD101203621
Cliff BallNC, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD102153619
Cliff BallNC, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG112173618
Cliff CarrellUSA1999NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD08306254
Cliff CarrellUSA1999NBRC REG 11 BIRD21406253
Cliff CarrellUSA20122011 NCF REG 11 BIRD102156252
Clint AndersonUSA2001S. CENTRAL CLUB 2/500106397
Clint AndersonUSA2002NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD 8TH00306396
Clint AndersonUSA2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD 1/600406395
Clint AndersonUSA202211 Bird Regional 7A243305989
Clint AndersonUSA202220 Bird Regional19138
Clint AndersonUSA202220 Bird NCF Finals47861
Clint ChiltonTX, USA2007WC REG283256332
Clint ChiltonTX, USA2010WC REG234236331
Clint ChiltonTX, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD101206330
Clint ChiltonTX, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION102156329
Clinton MiochSOUTH AFRICA2012WC FINALS74248847
Clinton MiochSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG47447848
Clinton MiochSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG31431846
Clinton MiochSOUTH AFRICA2014WC FINAL744126843
Clinton MiochSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG45356844
Clinton MiochSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG45718845
Clyde DavisUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD92301302
Clyde DavisUSA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD204201301
Clyde DavisUSA2014NCF FINAL 11 BIRD216321298
Clyde DavisUSA2014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD4915291297
Clyde DavisUSA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD262391300
Clyde DavisUSA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD181361299
Clyde DavisUSA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD201401296
Clyde DavisUSA202211 Bird regional 3A402605959
Co ThorUSA2009WC REG202306815
Co ThorUSA2017WC REG283356814
Cody FattigUSA2004WC REG103109333
Colin BaileyENGLAND2010WC REG23329329
Colin BaileyENGLAND2013WC FINALS781732328
Colin BaileyENGLAND2013WC REG52365327
Colin BaileyENGLAND2014WC REG40620326
Colin BaileyENGLAND2015WC FINAL725115323
Colin BaileyENGLAND2015WC REG31162324
Colin BaileyENGLAND2015WC REG31431325
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2002WC FINALS60880755
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2002WC REG000756
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2005WC REG000754
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2010WC FINALS77228753
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG18136752
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2011WC FINALS744126751
Colyn NelSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG30245750
Craig SmithUSA2018WC REG193248535
Craig Tolbert2013NCF REG 11 BIRD112179077
Craig WiggsUSA1999WC REG393358051
Cristian CarrilloNU, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION112177448
Cristian CarrilloNU, USA2017WC FINALS693177447
Cristian CarrilloNU, USA2017WC REG162247446
Curt NeurendorfUSA1992WC REG443407813
Curtis ChatelainUSA2012WC REG407169128
D MclaughlinENGLAND2004WC REG163158474
D MclaughlinENGLAND2005WC REG153108473
D.G. WraggCANADA1993WC REG213208936
Dakovic DamirAUSTRALIA2008WC REG313308145
Dale CalvilloCA, USA2010WC REG573726600
Dale ColeUSA2005WC REG102306403
Dale ColeUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD113106401
Dale ColeUSA2007WC REG91406402
Dale HadleyUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD121248539
Dale Postma (Deceased)MO, USAYes20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD406208944
Dale WymanTN, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD9230777
Dale WymanTN, USA2009WC REG21232776
Dale WymanTN, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD12218775
Dale WymanTN, USA20122011 NCF FINALS 20 BIRD521130773
Dale WymanTN, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD40180774
Dallas SmithUSA1994WC FINALS08406057
Dallas SmithUSA1994WC REG341606056
Damir SabicCROATIA2012WC REG152238595
Dan ContiUSA1996WC FINALS012407737
Dan ContiUSA1996WC REG0007738
Dan CowellUSA2000NCRC-FFA62106843
Dan CowellUSA2001NCRC-FFA41106842
Dan CowellUSA2002WC REG322456841
Dan GalarzaMO, USA2012WC FINALS743385641
Dan GalarzaMO, USA2012WC REG301605642
Dan GalarzaMO, USA2013WC REG253325640
Dan GalarzaMO, USA2015WC REG346175639
Dan GalarzaMO, USA2018WC REG102159172
Dan ShabazzUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD162358055
Daniel FosterCA USA202220 Bird Regional31247
Daniel FosterCA USA2023WC REG18227
Daniel VargasCA, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD121246574
Daniel VargasCA, USA20112010 WC REG234236573
Daniel VargasCA, USA20122011 NCF REG 20-BIRD203256572
Danijel TravarID, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD122189049
Dannie BurnistoneUK2014WC REG408129301
Danny CourtneyUSA1999NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD06501543
Danny CourtneyUSA1999NBRC REG 11 BIRD0001542
Danny CourtneyUSA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD113101540
Danny CourtneyUSA2004WC REG202351541
Danny CourtneyUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD111401537
Danny CourtneyUSA2005WC FINALS016101538
Danny CourtneyUSA2005WC REG261551539
Danny DurenUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 9B22323
Danny RevolinskyUSA1999FLORIDA STATE FLY112308252
Danny SturgeonMO, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD153197385
Danny SturgeonMO, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION81167384
Danny SturgeonMO, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG102157383
Darrel Norris (Deceased)USAYes2000NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD06505615
Darrel Norris (Deceased)USAYes2000NBRC REG 11 BIRD01405614
Darrel Norris (Deceased)USAYes2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD102305613
Darrell JohnsonTX, USA2007NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD161100700
Darrell JohnsonTX, USA2007NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD13290697
Darrell JohnsonTX, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD15140698
Darrell JohnsonTX, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD17145701
Darrell JohnsonTX, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD15230699
Darren DeaconUK2015WC FINAL722177110
Darren DeaconUK2015WC REG141287111
Darren DeaconUK2015WC REG142217112
Darren DoucetteCA, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD295226540
Darren DoucetteCA, USA2016WC REGION192296538
Darren DoucetteCA, USA2016WC REGION193246539
Darrian HoggCA, USA2016WC REGION354358014
Darrin StoneIL, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD435335369
Darrin StoneIL, USA2013NCF REG 11BIRD436225370
Darrin StoneIL, USA2014NCF FINAL 11 BIRD2110235367
Darrin StoneIL, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD263335368
Darrin StoneIL, USA2016WC REGION244245366
Darrin StoneIll USA202220 Bird Regional30160
Darrin StoneIll USA202220 Bird NCF Finals471528
Daryl McafeeTX, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD251507337
Daryl McAfeeTX USA202220 Bird Regional24424
Dashun WhiteUSA202211 Bird Regional 9G477196024
Dave BirdUK2013WC REG529119309
Dave ClairCA. USA2013WC REG321645888
Dave ClairCA. USA2014WC REG373455887
Dave ConnellUSA2003NBRC REG202355438
Dave ConnellUSA2003WC REG313305437
Dave ConnellUSA2004WC REG351655436
Dave GehrkeMN, USA1995WC FINALS014204292
Dave GehrkeMN, USA1995WC REG331554291
Dave GehrkeMN, USA1996NBRC FINALS010104290
Dave GehrkeMN, USA1996NBRC REG233204289
Dave GehrkeMN, USA1998SMFRC62104288
Dave GehrkeMN, USA1999SMFRC5254287
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2000JIM FISHER FLY81404285
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2000SMFRC82104286
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2000WC REG221504284
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD201404282
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2006WC REG151404283
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2007NBRC REG92304281
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2007WC REG132304280
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2012WC REG264264279
Dave GehrkeMN, USA20132012 NCF REG 11 BIRD214214278
Dave GehrkeMN, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD101204277
Dave GossUSA1993WC REG473455529
Dave GossUSA1997WC FINALS012405527
Dave GossUSA1997WC REG443405528
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes1992WC REG02303590
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes1997NBRC REG103103589
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2000NBRC REG 20 BIRD112303588
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD171403587
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2002WC REG242403586
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD203153584
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2006WC REG232403585
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2007NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD322903583
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD212403582
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD293253581
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2009WC REG275213580
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2011NCF FINALS 20-BIRD528683578
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2011NCF REG 20-BIRD402603577
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2011WC REG306153579
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2013NCF REG 20 BIRD122183576
Dave HafnerAR, USAYes2014WC REG171343575
Dave HendersonUSA1996NBRC FINALS04701214
Dave HendersonUSA1996NBRC REG193151215
Dave HendersonUSA1996WC FINALS011501213
Dave HendersonUSA1996WC REG472651212
Dave HendersonUSA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD171451211
Dave MoselyENGLAND1999WC REG332501391
Dave MoselyENGLAND2014WC REG171341390
Dave MurrayCA, USA2010NCF FINALS 11 BIRD175282960
Dave MurrayCA, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD221442959
Dave MurrayCA, USA2011NCF FINALS 11 BIRD167232958
Dave MurrayCA, USA2011NCF REG 11 BIRD192292957
Dave MurrayCA, USA2012NCF FINALS 11 BIRD249282952
Dave MurrayCA, USA2012NCF REG202302954
Dave MurrayCA, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD201402953
Dave MurrayCA, USA2012WC FINALS742782955
Dave MurrayCA, USA2012WC REG261522956
Dave MurrayCA, USA2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD238302950
Dave MurrayCA, USA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD445712949
Dave MurrayCA, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD211422948
Dave MurrayCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD223282951
Dave MurrayCA, USA2014WC FINAL742472946
Dave MurrayCA, USA2014WC REG371742947
Dave MurrayCA, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD163202944
Dave MurrayCA, USA2015WC REG264262945
Dave MurrayCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS328422941
Dave MurrayCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION192292942
Dave MurrayCA, USA2016WC REGION242362943
Dave MurrayCA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3211322938
Dave MurrayCA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG131262937
Dave MurrayCA, USA2017WC REG231462939
Dave MurrayCA, USA2017WC REG234232940
Dave MurrayCA, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG204202936
Dave MurrayCA, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 201991182935
Dave MurrayUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 9F12120
Dave MurrayUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Final16429
Dave MurrayUSA202211 Bird Regional 9F214216017
Dave NaudCANADA2003WC REG263258478
Dave RossUSA1996NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD05606933
Dave RossUSA1998WC REG0006932
Dave SixUSA2004WC REG133109387
Dave StoneOR, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD102157937
Dave StoneOR, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD162247936
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2001NBRC REG111403730
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2001WC REG102303731
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2002NBRC REG 20 BIRD111403728
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2002WC FINALS018103729
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2002WC REG181453727
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD72303724
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD111403725
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2003WC FINALS012403723
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2003WC REG141403726
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD71403721
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2004WC REG121403722
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD93103719
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD63103720
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2005WC REG131403718
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2006WC REG202353717
Dave SzabaturaNY, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD91403716
David "Mookie" GadoyCA. USA2012NFC REG172256881
David "Mookie" GadoyCA. USA2012WC REG101206882
David "Mookie" GadoyCA. USA2013WC REG91186880
David BlumensteinKS, USA2016WC REGION173216010
David BlumensteinKS, USA2017WC FINALS693576009
David BlumensteinKS, USA2017WC REG163206008
David BlumensteinKS, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG91186006
David BlumensteinKS, USA2018WC REG101206007
David BlumensteinKS, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019102156005
David BlumensteinKS USA2023WC REG12124
David ClairCA, USA2007NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD134705080
David ClairCA, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD161455081
David ClairCA, USA2011WC REG243305079
David GamblinENGLAND1997WC FINALS/EUROPE031304585
David GamblinENGLAND1997WC REG372554586
David KowalskiWI, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD173216563
David KowalskiWI, USA2015WC REG263336562
David KowalskiWI, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION132206561
David ListerAUSTRALIA2005WC FINALS031305036
David ListerAUSTRALIA2005WC REG0005037
David ListerAUSTRALIA2014WC REG255195035
David LopezUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD293374708
David LopezUSA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5015304707
David LopezUSA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD451904705
David LopezUSA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD457184706
David MannUSA1999NBRC REG 11 BIRD (YEAR UNKNOWN)43109378
David StraitUSA2004NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD1910105869
David StraitUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD121405870
David StraitUSA2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD1310105868
David StraitUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD91405866
David StraitUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD93105867
David VangCA, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD111402542
David VangCA, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD121402543
David VangCA, USA2005WC FINALS6917102544
David VangCA, USA2005WC REG162352545
David VangCA, USA2006NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD384702541
David VangCA, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD0002540
David VangCA, USA2006WC FINALS7441202538
David VangCA, USA2006WC REG221502539
David VangCA, USA2007WC REG153102537
David VangCA, USA2008NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD138302535
David VangCA, USA2008NBRC REG 11 BIRD161352536
David VangCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD222332532
David VangCA, USA2010WC REG313392534
David VangCA, USA2010WC REG314312533
David VangCA, USA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5019102525
David VangCA, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD203252527
David VangCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD201402526
David VangCA, USA2012WC FINALS742082530
David VangCA, USA2012WC REG262392528
David VangCA, USA2012WC REG263332529
David VangCA, USA2013MASTER FLYER2521
David VangCA, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD213272520
David VangCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD221442522
David VangCA, USA2013WC FINALS782382523
David VangCA, USA2013WC REG322482524
David VangCA, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD221442517
David VangCA, USA2014WC REG372552518
David VangCA, USA2014WC REG375282519
David VangCA, USA2015WC REG263332516
David VangCA, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG111222515
David Warren20122011 NCF REG 11 BIRD203258515
David WheatUSA1997NBRC REG152308203
Dawie De VillersSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG111406855
Dawie De VillersSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG193246854
Dawie De VilliersSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG232356551
Dawie De VilliersSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG234236550
Dawie De VilliersSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG376166549
Dean ForsterENGLAND2004WC FINALS018103450
Dean ForsterENGLAND2004WC REG161323451
Dean ForsterENGLAND2006WC FINALS7421403449
Dean ForsterENGLAND2006WC REG0003448
Dean ForsterENGLAND2007WC REG251403447
Dean ForsterENGLAND2009WC FINALS7541283446
Dean ForsterENGLAND2009WC REG202303445
Dean ForsterENGLAND2012WC FINAL7421563443
Dean ForsterENGLAND2012WC REG301603444
Dean ForsterENGLAND2013WC REG525393442
Delroy Mckoy20122011 NCF REG 11 BIRD204207918
Delroy Mckoy2014NFC REG 11 BIRD101207917
Denise"Buzz" BusseUSA202211 Bird Regional 9C151306009
Dennis "Buzz" BusseCA. USA2016WC REGION213265261
Dennis "Buzz" BusseCA. USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG223285259
Dennis "Buzz" BusseCA. USA2018WC REG224225260
Dennis "Buzz" BusseCA. USA2019NCF 20 BIRD FINALS248315257
Dennis "Buzz" BusseCA. USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019151305258
Dennis "Buzz" BusseUSA202211 Bird final4819106048
Dennis BerryUSA2004WC REG101401086
Dennis BerryUSA2005WC FINALS019101085
Dennis BerryUSA2005WC REG101401084
Dennis BerryUSA2006WC REG101401083
Dennis BerryUSA2008WC REG81401082
Dennis BerryUSA2012NCF FINALS 11 BIRD244411080
Dennis BerryUSA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD211421081
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2011NCF REG 11 BIRD122181179
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD101201178
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD FINALS186271177
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG101201176
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD FINAL171431172
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 201991181174
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD FINAL241601171
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019101201173
Dennis BlackmoreKS, USA2019WC REG 2019173211175
Dennis BlackmoreUSA2021NCF 11 bird Reg. 510215
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2000NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD07403356
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2000NBRC REG 20 BIRD142403355
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2001WC FINALS599703352
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2001WC REG312453353
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2002NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD605603350
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2002NBRC REG 20 BIRD201453351
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2003WC FINALS011503347
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2003WC REG191453348
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD122303346
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2005WC REG323303345
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG141283344
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2019WC FINALS 2019582163343
Dennis BurkeMI, USA2019WC REG 2019141283342
Dennis BurkeMI USA2023WC REG18227
Dennis CowgillUSA2001WC REG311557160
Dennis HayesUSA1997NBRC REG153101207
Dennis HayesUSA2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD41401206
Dennis HayesUSA2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD152301205
Dennis HayesUSA2001WC FINALS5915101204
Dennis HayesUSA2001WC REG302451203
Dennis HayesUSA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD153101202
Dennis HayesUSA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD163151201
Dennis HayesUSA2004WC REG291551200
Dennis HayesUSA2007WC REG152301199
Dennis MillerIA, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION193247176
Dennis MillerIA, USA2019WC REG 2019233297175
Dennis"Buzz" BusseUSA202211 Bird Regional 9C152236010
Denny AlexanderVA, USA2010WC REG255198984
Derrick WashingtonCA. USA2014WC REG374376911
Derrick WashingtonCA. USA2016WC REGION244246910
Derrick WashingtonUSA2021NCF 20 bird Reg 9F11122
Derrick WashingtonUSA202211 Bird Regional 9F211426014
Derrick WashingtonUSA202211 Bird Regional 9F212326015
Derrick WashingtonUSA202211 Bird Final488626050
Derrick WashingtonCA USA202220 Bird Regional21142
Derrick WashingtonCA USA202220 Bird regional21232
Derrick WashingtonCA USA202220 Bird Final47389
Derrick WashingtonCAUSA2023WC REG14221
Des MurphyENGLAND2005WC REG502457582
Devoe ManningUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD112301128
Devoe ManningUSA2006NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD132901127
Devoe ManningUSA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD211501126
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2005WC FINALS04120245
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2005WC REG33330246
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2010WC FINALS77248244
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2010WC REG30338243
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD521911239
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD34434240
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2011WC REG32164241
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2011WC REG32432242
Dewayne HolmesCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD19229238
Dewey SkillingUSA2001JIM FISHER FLY82308211
Dexter AokiUSA2009WC REG151307190
Dexter AokiUSA2009WC REG152237191
Dick DeboerUSA1994WC REG263256850
Dick DeboerUSA1995WC FINALS016106848
Dick DeboerUSA1995WC REG0006849
Dick DeboerUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD102306847
Dick KollmannUSA2000MN STATE FLY0025973
Dick KollmannUSA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD10230971
Dick KollmannUSA2003WC REG16315972
Dick KollmannUSA2004WC REG17315970
Dick KollmannUSA2005WC REG16145969
Dick KollmannUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD14310967
Dick KollmannUSA2006WC REG15310968
Dick KollmannUSA2007WC REG13310966
Dick KollmannUSA2008WC REG10310965
Dick KollmannUSA2011WC REG24330964
Dick KollmannUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD12124963
Dick KollmannUSA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD18323962
Dick KollmannUSA2014WC REG15319961
Dion HintonUSA2002LOCAL CLUB101159256
Dirk Van NiekerkSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG374377977
Dobbin PlunkettUSA1993WC FINALS016105571
Dobbin PlunkettUSA1993WC REG321605572
Dobbin PlunkettUSA1997NBRC FINALS010105570
Dobbin PlunkettUSA1997NBRC REG252405569
Doc ReimannUSA1999NBRC REG 11 BIRD41404661
Doc ReimannUSA2003NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD05604659
Doc ReimannUSA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD101404660
Doc ReimannUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD102304658
Doc ReimannUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD53104657
Dom CirriMD, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD102154451
Dom CirriMD, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD253324450
Dom CirriMD, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD162244449
Dom CirriMD, USA2015NCF FINAL 11 BIRD219254447
Dom CirriMD, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD152234448
Dom CirriMD, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION153194446
Dom CirriMD, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG152234445
Dom CirriMD, USA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG102154444
Dom CirriMD, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019112174443
Dominic CartonIRELAND2011WC FINALS742381525
Dominic CartonIRELAND2011WC REG151301524
Dominic CartonIRELAND2013WC FINALS7851251523
Dominic CartonIRELAND2013WC REG191381522
Dominic PeterSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG233294653
Dominic PeterSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG253324652
Dominic PeterSOUTH AFRICA2014WC FINAL742974650
Dominic PeterSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG352434651
Dominic PeterSOUTH AFRICA2019WC REG 2019393494648
Dominic PeterSOUTH AFRICA2019WC REG 2019396204649
Dominic SansonettiCANADA1992WC REG202358010
Dominick CarusoUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD72308149
Dominique BluettUSA2009NCF REG 11 BIRD122189032
Don Clark SrCA. USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD291585537
Don Clark SrCA. USA2014WC FINAL743175538
Don Clark SrCA. USA2014WC REG291585539
Don GarciaUSA1997NBRC REG03109353
Don GlennUSA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD101407897
Don GreeneUSA1999WC REG161454990
Don GreeneUSA2017WC REG111224989
Don GreeneUSA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG101204987
Don GreeneUSA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG102154988
Don GreeneUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD FINALS173324985
Don GreeneUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 201981164986
Don GreeneUSA2021NCF 11 bird Reg. 2A10118
Don GreeneUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Final16236
Don GreeneUSA202211 Bird Regional 2A71145955
Don LittleUSA1993WC REG282457560
Don LunauCANADA2001WC REG0007565
Don LunauCANADA2005WC REG161457564
Don Lyle2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD0009037
Don LyleUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD122189036
Don MacauleyNV, USA2000NBRC REG151402755
Don MacauleyNV, USA2001NBRC REG151402754
Don MacauleyNV, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD62302753
Don MacauleyNV, USA2008WC REG62302752
Don MacauleyNV, USA2009WC FINALS752882751
Don MacauleyNV, USA2009WC REG111222750
Don MacauleyNV, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD151302747
Don MacauleyNV, USA2010WC FINALS773682748
Don MacauleyNV, USA2010WC REG121242749
Don MacauleyNV, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD132202745
Don MacauleyNV, USA2011WC REG111222746
Don MacauleyNV, USA2012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD508652742
Don MacauleyNV, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD122182743
Don MacauleyNV, USA2012WC REG112172744
Don MacauleyNV, USA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD443842739
Don MacauleyNV, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD71142738
Don MacauleyNV, USA2013WC FINALS7816392740
Don MacauleyNV, USA2013WC REG101202741
Don MacauleyNV, USA2014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD4914342733
Don MacauleyNV, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD101202734
Don MacauleyNV, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD102152735
Don MacauleyNV, USA2014WC REG101202736
Don MacauleyNV, USA2014WC REG102152737
Don MacauleyNV, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD112172729
Don MacauleyNV, USA2015WC FINAL722972730
Don MacauleyNV, USA2015WC REG101202731
Don MacauleyNV, USA2015WC REG102152732
Don MacauleyNV, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3210352725
Don MacauleyNV, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION91182726
Don MacauleyNV, USA2016WC REGION101202727
Don MacauleyNV, USA2016WC REGION102152728
Don MacauleyNV, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3212292723
Don MacauleyNV, USA2017NCF REG101202722
Don MacauleyNV, USA2017WC REG91182724
Don MacauleyNV, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG61122720
Don MacauleyNV, USA2018WC REG111222721
Don MacauleyNV, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 201971142718
Don MacauleyNV, USA2019WC REG 2019101202719
Don MacauleyNV USA202220 Bird Regional15223
Don MacauleyNV USA2023 WC REG11122
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991995WC FINALS011501620
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991995WC REG343301619
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991996WC FINALS, DNF0001617
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991996WC REG471751618
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991997NBRC FINALS011001616
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991997NBRC REG301551615
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991999NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD03801612
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991999NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD, DNF0001611
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991999NBRC REG 11 BIRD0001613
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991999NBRC REG 11 BIRD151401614
Don OuelletteCA, USA19991999NBRC REG 20 BIRD201451610
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992000NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD08301605
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992000NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD09201607
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992000NBRC REG 11 BIRD41401609
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992000NBRC REG 20 BIRD121401608
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992000WC FINALS021401604
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992000WC REG451701606
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992001WC REG301551603
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992002NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD342901600
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992002NBRC REG 20 BIRD303151599
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992002WC REG302451601
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992003NBRC REG 20 BIRD262451596
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992003WC REG301551598
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD08301595
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992004NBRC REG 20 BIRD91401592
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992004NBRC REG 20 BIRD92301593
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992004WC FINAL031301594
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992004WC REG231501591
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD1911001586
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992005NBRC REG92301590
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992005NBRC REG 11 BIRD121401589
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992005WC FINALS018101587
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992005WC REG301551588
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992006NBRC REG 11 BIRD142301585
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992007WC FINALS749701583
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992007WC REG293251584
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992009NCF REG 20 BIRD183231580
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992009WC REG262391582
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992009WC REG264261581
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4310481577
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992010NCF REG 20 BIRD191381576
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992010WC FINALS773081579
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992010WC REG231561578
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992011WC REG283351575
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992012WC FINALS7417301573
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992012WC REG192291574
Don OuelletteCA, USA19992015WC REG202301572
Don OuelletteUSA202211 Bird Regional 1391186027
Don OuelletteUSA202211 Bird final4821016053
Don PropsonUSA2004NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD07404733
Don PropsonUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD111404734
Don PropsonUSA2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD199204731
Don PropsonUSA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD91404732
Don PropsonUSA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD212324730
Don ReesUSA1997WC REGIONAL102157574
Don ReesUSA2001WC REG102307573
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes1999WC REG162353385
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2000WC REG102303384
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2004WC REG152303382
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2004WC REG153103383
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD192903381
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD192353380
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD183153378
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD93103379
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2009WC REG254253377
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2010NCF FINALS 11 BIRD171433375
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2010NCF REG 11 BIRD182273373
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2010NCF REG 11 BIRD183233374
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2010WC REG212323376
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2011NCF REG 11 BIRD201403372
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2011NCF REG 11 BIRD202303371
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2012NCF REG 11 BIRD51103370
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD239283368
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2013NCF REG 11 BIRD101203366
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2013NCF REG 11 BIRD102153367
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2013WC REG111223369
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2014WC REG131263365
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2016WC FINAL5614393363
Don SimpsonSC, USAyes2016WC REGION151303364
Don SuttonUSA2000NBRC REG143107819
Don SuttonUSA2001WC REG153107818
Don SuttonUSA2005NBRC REG243207817
Donald HicksUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD93109588
Donald Lopes (Deceased)HI, USAYes2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD81405432
Donald Lopes (Deceased)HI, USAYes2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD153105431
Donald Lopes (Deceased)HI, USAYes2009WC REG153195430
Donald Lopes (Deceased)HI, USAYes2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4317185429
Donald Lopes (Deceased)HI, USAYes2010NCF REG 20 BIRD162245427
Donald Lopes (Deceased)HI, USAYes2010NCF REG 20 BIRD163205428
Donnie LongestVA, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD103104682
Donnie LongestVA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD102304681
Donnie LongestVA, USA2007WC REG162354683
Donnie LongestVA, USA2008WC REG173154680
Donnie LongestVA, USA2010WC FINALS772584678
Donnie LongestVA, USA2010WC REG252384679
Donnie LongestVA, USA2011WC FINALS742984677
Donnie LongestVA, USA2011WC REG232354676
Donny Cox *2015DeceasedVA, USAYes2007WC REG163155843
Donny Cox *2015DeceasedVA, USAYes2008WC REG172355842
Donny Cox *2015DeceasedVA, USAYes2009WC REG253325841
Donny Cox *2015DeceasedVA, USAYes2011WC REG233295840
Donny FaisonUSA2004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD07406248
Donny FaisonUSA2006WC REG262456247
Doug AndersonUSA2001NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD1210104839
Doug AndersonUSA2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD111404840
Doug AndersonUSA2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD113104838
Doug AndersonUSA2003WC REG201454837
Doug AndersonUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD102304835
Doug AndersonUSA2004WC REG122304836
Doug TretterCO, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD113106596
Doug TretterCO, USA20102010 WC REG141286595
Doug TretterCO, USA2011WC REG171346594
Douglas RayCA, USA2010WC REG577236721
Douglas RayCA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG132206720
Douglas RayCA, USA2018WC REG264266719
Douglas SnyderNY, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD71405498
Douglas SnyderNY, USA2009WC REG122185497
Douglas SnyderNY, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD153195495
Douglas SnyderNY, USA2010WC REG123185496
Douglas SnyderNY, USA2011WC FINALS742985494
Douglas SnyderNY, USA2011WC REG121245493
Drago LandekaSERBIA2007WC REG102306897
Drago LandekaSERBIA2010WC REG161326896
Dries CrauseSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG234238627
Duane ShollUSA1992WC REG363358064
Duke JacobsSOUTH AFRICA1999WC FINALS08801439
Duke JacobsSOUTH AFRICA1999WC REG0001440
Duke JacobsSOUTH AFRICA2000WC FINALS07901437
Duke JacobsSOUTH AFRICA2000WC REG0001438
Duke JacobsSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG404401436
Dusan PopovicSERBIA2011WC REG142216072
Dusan PopovicSERBIA2012WC FINALS743086071
Dusan PopovicSERBIA2012WC REG131266069
Dusan PopovicSERBIA2012WC REG132206070
Dusan PopovicSERBIA2015WC REG162246068
Duwayne UeadaUSA2007WC REG122308325
Dwayn SenegalCA, USA2011WC REG306159252
Dwight WallaceCA, USA1997WC FINALS0133021
Dwight WallaceCA, USA1997WC REG3015522
Dwight WallaceCA, USA1998WC REG2014520
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2001NBRC REG2014519
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2002NBRC REG2014518
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2002WC REG1814517
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD00016
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD814015
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2006WC REG1523014
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD1731513
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD2132712
Dwight WallaceCA, USA2015WC REG1112211
Ed MonteiroUSA2000NBRC REG173158175
Ed MonteiroUSA2000WC REG163158174
Ed TaylorOR, USA2014NCF FINAL 20 BIRD4919106556
Ed TaylorOR, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD181366557
Ed TaylorOR, USA2017WC REG284286555
Ed TomaskoUSA1999NBRC REG 11 BIRD53109341
Ed WagnerUSA2006WC REG123109479
Ed YoungUSA2003WC REG132308195
Edd GuerreroCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD162248559
Eddie AvilaCA, USA2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD ?0004467
Eddie AvilaCA, USA2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD434744466
Eddie AvilaCA, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD142214463
Eddie AvilaCA, USA2015WC FINAL7216364464
Eddie AvilaUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg. 9A26265
Eddie BaldwinUK2015WC REG152238639
Eddie GuerraroCA. USA2013WC REG311626892
Eddie GuerreroCA, USA2014WC REG224228691
Edgar RoscoeSOUTH AFRICA2003WC FINALS03130130
Edgar RoscoeSOUTH AFRICA2013WC FINALS784133129
Edgar RoscoeSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG31162128
Edin GrudicCROATIA2013WC REG152237700
Edin GrudicCROATIA2013WC REG153197701
Edin KozarcacinDENMARK2007WC REG11230872
Edin KozarcacinDENMARK2008WC FINALS74880871
Edin KozarcacinDENMARK2008WC REG9140870
Edin KozarcacinDENMARK2009WC FINALS756113868
Edin KozarcacinDENMARK2009WC REG9118869
Edin KozarcaninDENMARK2012WC REG131268417
Edward BothaSOUTH AFRICA1999WC REG0005031
Edward BothaSOUTH AFRICA2000WC REG0005030
Edward KoehnUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD83109496
Edwin lopezSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG30160127
Efren LopezCA, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4610513914
Efren LopezCA, USA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4413363908
Efren LopezCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD435333915
Efren LopezCA, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD334333913
Efren LopezCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD654653911
Efren LopezCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD655493912
Efren LopezCA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD491983909
Efren LopezCA, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD453563906
Efren LopezCA, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD458133907
Efren LopezCA, USA2009WC REG453573916
Efren LopezCA, USA2013WC REG609123910
Egon NielsonDNEMARK2003WC REG92308312
Eldon CheneyUSA1999MO STATE FLY143156184
Eldon CheneyUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD203256183
Eldon CheneyUSA1997WC FINALS015106186
Eldon CheneyUSA1997WC REG453406185
Ellis McdonaldUSA1996WC FINALS018106790
Ellis McdonaldUSA1996WC REG331556791
Elmer WalkerUSA2002NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD010106364
Elmer WalkerUSA2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD0006363
Elmer WalkerUSA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD93106361
Elmer WalkerUSA2006WC REG121406362
Elmer WalkerUSA2009WC REG173226360
Elwood GottliebUSA2004WC REG131407780
Emsud KesedzicUSA202211 Bird Regional 1D183235950
Emsud KesedzicUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019152237646
Emsud KesedzicUSA2019WC REG 2019142217647
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121994WC FINALS2818103005
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121995WC FINALS2951103002
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121999WC FINALS4561003000
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122001WC FINALS598802997
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122004WC FINALS6861002996
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122010WC FINALS7711932991
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122012WC FINALS742582989
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121994WC REG61123004
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121995WC REG71143003
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121998WC REG71143001
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20121999WC REG151402999
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122001WC REG111222998
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122004WC REG151402995
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122007WC REG113102994
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122008WC REG302452993
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122010WC REG101202992
Eric LaidlerDENMARK20122012WC REG132202990
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2003NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD03804209
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2005NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD318304204
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2000NBRC REG0004213
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2002NBRC REG152304210
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD92304206
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD0004205
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2001WC FINALS5918104212
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2007WC FINALS7412404200
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2001WC REG0004211
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2003WC REG53104208
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2004WC REG112304207
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2005WC REG141404203
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2006WC REG131404202
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2007WC REG151404201
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2008WC REG63104199
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2009WC REG173224198
Eric SchoelkopfCA, USA2010WC REG304304197
Eric StevensCA USA2023WC REG38348
Errol ForneyTX, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD171345267
Errol ForneyTX, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD173225268
Errol ForneyTX, USA2013NCF FINALS 11 BIRD234405266
Errol ForneyTX, USA2011WC REG275215269
Errol ForneyTX, USA2017WC REG101205265
Erwin LopezUSA202211 Bird regional 7C6112
Erwin LopezUSA20162016 WC REGION141281317
Erwin LopezUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD103101326
Erwin LopezUSA2010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4314311323
Erwin LopezUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD173221325
Erwin LopezUSA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD111221324
Erwin LopezUSA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD112171322
Erwin LopezUSA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD101201319
Erwin LopezUSA2015NFC FINAL 20 BIRD3514251318
Erwin LopezUSA2012WC REG223281321
Erwin LopezUSA2014WC REG132191320
Erwin LopezCO USA2023WC REG10120
Eva RyanUSA1999NBRC REG 20 BIRD32308136
Everett CarlsonUSA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD93107399
Everett CarlsonUSA1995WC REG0007402
Everett CarlsonUSA1999WC REG151407401
Everett CarlsonUSA2001WC REG0007400
Ewald BothaSOUTH AFRICA2015WC FINAL72135857
Ewald BothaSOUTH AFRICA2013WC FINALS78810261
Ewald BothaSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG4619259
Ewald BothaSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG4635860
Ewald BothaSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG5428158
F DeyselSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG481756513
F. SabicDENMARK2005WC REG121406646
F. SabicDENMARK2006WC REG122306645
Felipe MitchelUSA2009WC REG265208794
Ferid CatakDENMARK2015WC FINAL7214502887
Ferid CatakDENMARK2015WC FINAL742572890
Ferid CatakDENMARK2002WC FINALS6021402903
Ferid CatakDENMARK2006WC FINALS6911502899
Ferid CatakDENMARK2011WC FINALS7421562895
Ferid CatakDENMARK2013WC FINALS7871102893
Ferid CatakDENMARK2002WC REG0002904
Ferid CatakDENMARK2003WC REG101402902
Ferid CatakDENMARK2004WC REG153102901
Ferid CatakDENMARK2005WC REG122302900
Ferid CatakDENMARK2006WC REG121402897
Ferid CatakDENMARK2006WC REG123102898
Ferid CatakDENMARK2008WC REG93102896
Ferid CatakDENMARK2011WC REG91182894
Ferid CatakDENMARK2013WC REG161322892
Ferid CatakDENMARK2014WC REG151302891
Ferid CatakDENMARK2015WC REG161322888
Ferid CatakDENMARK2015WC REG162242889
Fern & FowlkesENGLAND2006WC REG112307526
Fern & FowlkesENGLAND2007WC REG183157525
Fernando AguilarCA, USA2014WC REG112169120
Fernando Ruelas20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD346179096
Ferrell BussingUSA2000NBRC REG 11 BIRD53101383
Ferrell BussingUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD102151380
Ferrell BussingUSA1997OK STATE FLY133101386
Ferrell BussingUSA1998OK STATE FLY102301385
Ferrell BussingUSA1998WC REG312551384
Ferrell BussingUSA2005WC REG191451382
Ferrell BussingUSA2007WC REG312501381
Fil OlazabalUSA20102010 WC REG565425225
Fil OlazabalUSA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD306155224
Fil OlazabalUSA2011NCF REG 20-BIRD416215222
Fil OlazabalUSA2009WC REG457185226
Fil OlazabalUSA2011WC REG575435223
Floyd LabouefUSA2009WC REG151308333
Floyd LebouefLA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD102156808
Floyd LebouefLA, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD91186807
Floyd LebouefLA, USA2010WC REG102156810
Floyd LebouefLA, USA2011WC REG112176809
Fong ThaoCA. USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD222337165
Fong ThaoCA. USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD214217164
Francisco FreydigCA, USA2016WC REGION182278401
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2014WC FINAL742774147
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2010WC FINALS7715474153
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2004WC REG602754158
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG341604157
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG372554156
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG373354155
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG405304154
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG211424152
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG478154150
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG479104151
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG452684148
Frank BakerSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG45994149
Frank Femling2013NCF REG 11 BIRD141286876
Frank Femling2015WC REG233356875
Frank GabrielNY, USA2006NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD133803750
Frank GabrielNY, USA1996NBRC REG273253754
Frank GabrielNY, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD91403751
Frank GabrielNY, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD102303749
Frank GabrielNY, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD113103752
Frank GabrielNY, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD93103748
Frank GabrielNY, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD FINAL174293735
Frank GabrielNY, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019111223736
Frank GabrielNY, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD141283746
Frank GabrielNY, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD142213747
Frank GabrielNY, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD102153742
Frank GabrielNY, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD102153740
Frank GabrielNY, USA2010WC FINALS7711773744
Frank GabrielNY, USA2017WC FINALS692473739
Frank GabrielNY, USA2000WC REG143103753
Frank GabrielNY, USA2010WC REG151303745
Frank GabrielNY, USA2011WC REG122183743
Frank GabrielNY, USA2012WC REG132203741
Frank GabrielNY, USA2017WC REG121243738
Frank GabrielNY, USA2019WC REG 2019102153737
Frank HernandezUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD93107368
Frank HernandezUSA2008WC REG141407367
Frank LavinUSA1997NBRC FINALS07405766
Frank LavinUSA1997NBRC REG171455767
Frank LavinUSA1994WC REG72305768
Frank LyonsUSA1998WC REG112307872
Frank LyonsUSA2004WC REG153107871
Frank OchoaUSA1999NBRC FINALS021405173
Frank OchoaUSA1999NBRC REG0005174
Frank TiredoUSA2007WC REG143109432
Frank VahlingUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD171348103
Fred JenkinsCA, USA2010WC FINALS773787195
Fred JenkinsCA, USA2010WC REG302457196
Fred SchneiderCA. USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG202306740
Fred SchneiderCA. USA2019WC REG 2019252386739
Fred SchniederCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3214221499
Fred SchniederCA, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG132201496
Fred SchniederCA, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION191381500
Fred SchniederCA, USA2017WC FINALS6920141498
Fred SchniederCA, USA2013WC REG325241502
Fred SchniederCA, USA2017WC REG232351497
Fred SchniederCA, USA2018WC REG142211495
Fred SchniederCA, USA2016WC REGION243301501
Fred WoffordUSA1996NBRC REG143109321
Freddie ThomasTX, USA20162016 WC REGION16224605
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD13230615
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD17235613
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD14310614
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2009NCF 11 BIRD REG9118611
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2010NCF 11 BIRD REG11217609
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2015NCF FINAL 11 BIRD21153606
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2009NCF FINALS 11 BIRD19531610
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD11122607
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2001TPRA 11 BIRD8225616
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2009WC REG29337612
Freddie ThomasTX, USA2015WC REG10215608
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2001WC FINALS5920105024
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2001WC REG0005025
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2005WC REG0005023
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG483455022
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG372565021
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG469105020
Frik De BeerSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG556295019
G ReedENGLAND1996WC REG442607011
Gabe CanenciaHI, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD101206258
Gabe GlennUSA202211 Bird Final4811206037
Gabe GlennUSA202211 Bird Final483916038
Gabe GlennUSA202211 Bird Regional 3B301605966
Gabe GlennUSA202211 Bird Regional 3B302455967
Gabe GlennUSA2021NCF 11 bird Reg 3B11217
Gabe GlennUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 3B15319
Garry WoodeUK2015WC FINAL722879652
Gary BarresMT, USA2006NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD382904316
Gary BarresMT, USA2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD153104319
Gary BarresMT, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD161454317
Gary BarresMT, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD111404315
Gary BarresMT, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD202354314
Gary BarresMT, USA2009NCF FINALS 20 BIRD462354310
Gary BarresMT, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD61124311
Gary BarresMT, USA1998WC FINALS015104321
Gary BarresMT, USA1998WC REG01404322
Gary BarresMT, USA2000WC REG201454320
Gary BarresMT, USA2004WC REG273254318
Gary BarresMT, USA2008WC REG182354313
Gary BarresMT, USA2009WC REG214214312
Gary DaytonUSA1994WC REG262457556
Gary EdwardsUSA1998OK STATE FLY103159156
Gary KellyIRELAND2006WC REG73109419
Gary LancasterUSA2002UT VALLEY CLUB51107622
Gary LancasterUSA2002UTAH STATE FLY252357621
Gary LancasterUSA2002WC REG0007620
Gary RichardsAZ, USA20122011 NCF FINALS 20 BIRD522264130
Gary RichardsAZ, USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD152234129
Gary RichardsAZ, USA20162016 WC REG101204128
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2003NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD02904140
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2004NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD010104136
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2007NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD166504131
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD61404139
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD111404138
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD91404133
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD143104143
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD112304137
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2001WC REG103104142
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2003WC REG53104141
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2005WC REG143104135
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2006WC REG111404134
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2007WC REG93104132
Gary RichardsAZ, USA2019WC REG91184127
Gary RichardsAR USA2023WC REG15130
Gary RobertsUSA2002NBRC FINALS34830989
Gary RobertsUSA1998NBRC REG10230992
Gary RobertsUSA2000NBRC REG22240991
Gary RobertsUSA2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD8230990
Gary RobertsUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD9230986
Gary RobertsUSA2002NBRC REG 20 BIRD19145987
Gary RobertsUSA2002TPRA STATE 11 BIRD8225988
Gary RobertsUSA1998WC REG16235993
Gary RomingerUSA2006WC REG233208813
Gary ShriverUSA1999ALL IOWA FLY183154779
Gary ShriverUSA1994WC FINALS061004780
Gary ShriverUSA1994WC REG281554781
Gary StephensWA, USA20071997CARL KREBBS MEMORIAL FLY131402183
Gary StephensWA, USA20071998NBRC REG203152180
Gary StephensWA, USA20071999NBRC REG271552179
Gary StephensWA, USA20072000NBRC REG242402174
Gary StephensWA, USA20072002NBRC REG111402171
Gary StephensWA, USA20072005NBRC REG 20 BIRD101402168
Gary StephensWA, USA20072006NBRC REG 20 BIRD71402167
Gary StephensWA, USA20072007NBRC REG 20 BIRD101402166
Gary StephensWA, USA20072017NCF 20 BIRD REG142212140
Gary StephensWA, USA20072010NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4312392159
Gary StephensWA, USA20072012NCF FINALS 20 BIRD504852149
Gary StephensWA, USA20072010NCF REG 11 BIRD153192157
Gary StephensWA, USA20072012NCF REG 11 BIRD203252150
Gary StephensWA, USA20072010NCF REG 20 BIRD121242158
Gary StephensWA, USA20072012NCF REG 20 BIRD101202151
Gary StephensWA, USA20072015NCF REG 20 BIRD161322143
Gary StephensWA, USA20072015NFC FINAL 20 BIRD356532142
Gary StephensWA, USA20072014NFC REG 11 BIRD214212145
Gary StephensWA, USA20071996NW ROLLER JOCKIES111202185
Gary StephensWA, USA20071997NW ROLLER JOCKIES71152184
Gary StephensWA, USA20071998NW ROLLER JOCKIES61152181
Gary StephensWA, USA20071999NW ROLLER JOCKIES51102177
Gary StephensWA, USA20072000NW ROLLER JOCKIES51102175
Gary StephensWA, USA20072014WC FINAL742072144
Gary StephensWA, USA20071999WC FINALS041202178
Gary StephensWA, USA20072004WC FINALS015102170
Gary StephensWA, USA20072009WC FINALS753782163
Gary StephensWA, USA20072010WC FINALS772682161
Gary StephensWA, USA20072011WC FINALS743482156
Gary StephensWA, USA20072012WC FINALS742382152
Gary StephensWA, USA20071997WC REG453252182
Gary StephensWA, USA20071999WC REG302452176
Gary StephensWA, USA20072001WC REG301552173
Gary StephensWA, USA20072002WC REG261552172
Gary StephensWA, USA20072004WC REG261552169
Gary StephensWA, USA20072007WC REG162352165
Gary StephensWA, USA20072009WC REG131262164
Gary StephensWA, USA20072010WC REG171342160
Gary StephensWA, USA20072010WC REG172262162
Gary StephensWA, USA20072011WC REG232252155
Gary StephensWA, USA20072012WC REG241482153
Gary StephensWA, USA20072012WC REG244242154
Gary StephensWA, USA20072013WC REG271542148
Gary StephensWA, USA20072014WC REG271542146
Gary StephensWA, USA20072014WC REG273342147
Gary StephensWA, USA20072016WC REGION244242141
Gary SultID USA2023WC REG32616
Gary TaylorUSA1997OK STATE FLY101501247
Gary TaylorUSA1998OK STATE FLY131501246
Gary TaylorUSA1993WC FINALS016101250
Gary TaylorUSA1995WC FINALS020101249
Gary TaylorUSA1993WC REG432601251
Gary TaylorUSA1995WC REG412601248
Gary TemplemanENGLAND1998WC FINALS013304537
Gary TemplemanENGLAND1998WC REG423404536
Gary TemplemanENGLAND2003WC REG102304534
Gary TemplemanENGLAND2005WC REG123104533
Gary TemplemanENGLAND2006WC REG122304532
Gary ThompsonUSA1996NBRC REG142306509
Gary ThompsonUSA1999NBRC REG161456508
Gavin AndersonUT, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION201407733
Gawe HeroldtSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG233298354
Gawie CilliersSOUTH AFRICA2000WC FINALS061006039
Gawie CilliersSOUTH AFRICA2000WC REG0006040
Ge YangCA, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG112178115
Ge YangCA, USA2017WC REG71148116
Gee YangCA USA202220 Bird Regional31716
Gene ChaneyUSA1999GA STATE FLY92257615
Gene ChaneyUSA1996NBRC REG233207616
Geof WilsonENGLAND1997AERC YEARLING FLY211507288
George AldanaCA. USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019152236744
George AldanaUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 9C21319
George AldanaCA. USA2013WC REG121246746
George AldanaCA. USA2016WC REGION214216745
George Babaris (Deceased)CANADAYes1997WC FINALS014201432
George Babaris (Deceased)CANADAYes2001WC FINALS6051101429
George Babaris (Deceased)CANADAYes1997WC REG111401431
George Babaris (Deceased)CANADAYes1998WC REG131401430
George Babaris (Deceased)CANADAYes2001WC REG0001428
George FrostENGLAND2011WC FINALS742587502
George FrostENGLAND2011WC REG262397501
George Kitson (Deceased)ENGLANDYes1991WC FINALS08801345
George Kitson (Deceased)ENGLANDYes1993WC FINALS021401343
George Kitson (Deceased)ENGLANDYes1991WC REG0001344
George Kitson (Deceased)ENGLANDYes1993WC REG0001342
George MasonENGLAND20011998AERC YEARLING FLY213202707
George MasonENGLAND20011998NBRA YEARLING FLY121402706
George MasonENGLAND20011991WC FINALS021402714
George MasonENGLAND20011992WC FINALS051102713
George MasonENGLAND20011995WC FINALS021402711
George MasonENGLAND20012002WC FINALS609702705
George MasonENGLAND20012019WC FINALS5817232702
George MasonENGLAND20011992WC REG01402712
George MasonENGLAND20011995WC REG371652710
George MasonENGLAND20011997WC REG373352708
George MasonENGLAND20012002WC REG541752704
George MasonENGLAND20012008WC REG0002703
George MasonENGLAND20012019WC REG 2019151302701
George MoranUSA1997NBRC REG131404644
George MoranUSA2000NBRC REG171454642
George MoranUSA1998WC REG332404643
George MoranUSA2001WC REG192354641
George NickolauCANADA1993WC FINALS019105725
George NickolauCANADA1993WC REG133105726
George NickolauCANADA1994WC REG211505724
George NickolauCANADA1998WC REG133105723
George NickolauCANADA2005WC REG162355722
George OhlsenUSA2003NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD05601557
George OhlsenUSA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD192351556
George OhlsenUSA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD303251555
George OhlsenUSA2001SALT LAKE CLUB102101559
George OhlsenUSA2002SALT LAKE CLUB101151558
George OhlsenUSA2004WC REG312551554
George RuizNV, USA20102010 WC REG122184817
George RuizNV, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD82304821
George RuizNV, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD0004820
George RuizNV, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD72304819
George RuizNV, USA2014NCF REG 11 BIRD61124815
George RuizNV, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD153194816
George RuizNV, USA2008WC REG161404818
George RuizNV, USA2018WC REG112174814
George SoknechSOUTH AFRICA1998WC FINALS019109392
George SoknechSOUTH AFRICA1998WC REG0009393
George SoknechSOUTH AFRICA2002WC REG0009391
Gerrie NaudeSOUTH AFRICA2015WC FINAL7212655847
Gerrie NaudeSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG373455848
Gerrit CilliersSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG423308120
Gerry Beck (Deceased)USAYes2000NBRC REG 20 BIRD62308304
Gerry KnightIRELAND2012WC REG223288377
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2003WC FINALS051104054
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2007WC FINALS7461004051
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2009WC FINALS752084050
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2011WC FINALS7414524048
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2002WC REG0004056
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG0004055
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2005WC REG0004053
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG491754052
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG352534049
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG303384047
Gert Du PlessisSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG475364046
Gert KoekemoerSOUTH AFRICA1999WC FINALS017109373
Gert KoekemoerSOUTH AFRICA1999WC REG0009374
Gilbert PereaUSA2000WC REG102308153
Glen Van RoekelUSA2000NBRC REG152307923
Glen Van RoekelUSA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD63107922
Goran RadnicCROATIA2010WC REG163207484
Goran RadnicCROATIA2015WC REG182277483
Gord EdwardsCANADA2008WC FINALS7413304715
Gord EdwardsCANADA2007WC REG131404717
Gord EdwardsCANADA2008WC REG01404716
Gord EdwardsCANADA2011WC REG111224714
Gord EdwardsCANADA2012WC REG121244713
Gord EdwardsCANADA2013WC REG91184712
Gordon DaffurnENGLAND2010WC FINALS772087958
Gordon DaffurnENGLAND2010WC REG151307959
Gordon DuffurnENGLAND2003WC REG333306831
Gordon DuffurnENGLAND2007WC REG182356830
Graham DexterENGLAND2001WC REG421706673
Grant GilmanUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD203159268
Greg RollinsonSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG472716633
Greg TruesdaleUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Final16822
Greg TruesdaleNC, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION102158019
Greg TruesdaleUSA2021NCF 11Bird Reg. 1D10114
Greg TruesdaleNC, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019101208018
Gregg SaleUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD213208887
Gregory Shane AndersonID, USA2014NCF FINAL 11 BIRD218276089
Gregory Shane AndersonID, USA2015NCF FINAL 11 BIRD218276087
Gregory Shane AndersonID, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD101206088
Gregory Shane AndersonID, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD111226090
Griffith CollinsUSA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD111406171
Griffith CollinsUSA2006WC REG113106169
Griffith CollinsUSA2005WC REG 20 BIRD141406170
Gt LoftsSOUTH AFRICA2001WC FINALS5911507412
Gt LoftsSOUTH AFRICA2001WC REG0007411
Gt LoftsSOUTH AFRICA2002WC REG0007410
Guil RandUSA202211 Bird Final4810536042
Guil RandUSA202211 Bird Regional 7A241485987
Guil RandUT, USA20002002NBRC FINAL 20 BIRD3410102014
Guil RandUT, USA20002003NBRC FINALS010102012
Guil RandUT, USA20001996NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD011002026
Guil RandUT, USA20002002NBRC REG302452013
Guil RandUT, USA20002003NBRC REG193152011
Guil RandUT, USA20001996NBRC REG 20 BIRD271552025
Guil RandUT, USA20001996NBRC REG 20 BIRD272452027
Guil RandUT, USA20002006NBRC REG 20 BIRD311602009
Guil RandUT, USA20002007NBRC REG 20 BIRD221502008
Guil RandUT, USA20002018NCF 11 BIRD FINALS158201993
Guil RandUT, USA20002018NCF 11 BIRD REG131261991
Guil RandUT, USA20002018NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3013241992
Guil RandUT, USA20002018NCF 20 BIRD REG151301990
Guil RandUT, USA20002011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD522662005
Guil RandUT, USA20002013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4418142000
Guil RandUT, USA20002013NCF REG 11 BIRD142211999
Guil RandUT, USA20002011NCF REG 20 BIRD162242004
Guil RandUT, USA20002012NCF REG 20 BIRD281562002
Guil RandUT, USA20002013NCF REG 20 BIRD191382001
Guil RandUT, USA20002015NCF REG 20 BIRD222331996
Guil RandUT, USA20002015NFC FINAL 20 BIRD3512321995
Guil RandUT, USA20001998USRC82102019
Guil RandUT, USA20002000USRC71152017
Guil RandUT, USA20002001USRC41102015
Guil RandUT, USA20001998USRC STATE YB FLY201552021
Guil RandUT, USA20001998UT STATE CHAMPION381702020
Guil RandUT, USA20002015WC FINAL723071997
Guil RandUT, USA20001995WC FINALS061002029
Guil RandUT, USA20001997WC FINALS051102024
Guil RandUT, USA20002019WC FINALS 20195810631988
Guil RandUT, USA20001995WC REG303252028
Guil RandUT, USA20001997WC REG302452023
Guil RandUT, USA20001998WC REG301552022
Guil RandUT, USA20002000WC REG302452018
Guil RandUT, USA20002001WC REG423402016
Guil RandUT, USA20002004WC REG313302010
Guil RandUT, USA20002008WC REG231502007
Guil RandUT, USA20002009WC REG221442006
Guil RandUT, USA20002012WC REG408122003
Guil RandUT, USA20002015WC REG262391998
Guil RandUT, USA20002018WC REG191381994
Guil RandUT, USA20002019WC REG 2019211421987
Guil RandUT, USA20002019WC REG 2019213261989
Gustavo MedelUSA1999NBRC REG103106426
Gustavo MedelUSA2002WC REG121406425
Gustavo MedelUSA2005WC REG142306424
Guy RobertsonUSA2003NBRC REG532706641
H V RossumHOLLAND2012WC REG153198965
H.C. MartinUSA1999WC REG302457590
Hank JohnsonUSA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD52307090
Hank JohnsonUSA2011WC REG274277089
Hank LumpkinsUSA202211 Bird Regional 9G47996026
Hank LumpkinsUSA2004WC REG411705695
Hank LumpkinsUSA2005WC REG503455694
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2014WC FINAL7413563328
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2008WC FINALS7421403336
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2011WC FINALS7451193333
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2012WC FINALS748973331
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2004WC REG0003338
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG171453337
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG261553335
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG262453334
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2011WC REG151233332
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG392593330
Hannes RossouwSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG354353329
Hansie GroblerSOUTH AFRICA2012WC FINALS742886209
Hansie GroblerSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG373476210
Hansie GroblerSOUTH AFRICA2013WC REG467196208
Hansie GroblerSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG548166207
Hap PerazaUSA1995WC FINALS013305678
Hap PerazaUSA1995WC REG702855679
Hardeep SahotaCANADA2015WC REG111228715
Harold RyanUSA1999ALL IOWA FLY 11 BIRD181455197
Harold RyanUSA1999NBRC REG 20 BIRD33105195
Harold RyanUSA1999WC REG251505196
Harold RyanUSA2001WC REG162355194
Harry HeardUK2014WC REG404407914
Harry Voth (Deceased)USAYes1997IDAHO ROLLER CLUB92108879
Harry Voth (Deceased)USAYes1998IDAHO ROLLER CLUB92108878
Heather WoodCO, USA2015NCF FINAL 11 BIRD215347237
Heather WoodCO, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD81167238
Hector CoyaCA USA20122011 NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5218166763
Hector CoyaCA USA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD414416764
Hector CoyaCA USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD499106762
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20021995WC FINALS012402051
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20021998WC FINALS031302049
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20021999WC FINALS011502047
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022001WC FINALS5911502045
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022003WC FINALS07902043
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022005WC FINALS021402041
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022007WC FINALS7411502039
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022010WC FINALS7721622036
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022013WC FINALS7811952034
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20021995WC REG151402052
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20021998WC REG151402050
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20021999WC REG151402048
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022001WC REG151402046
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022003WC REG101402044
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022005WC REG161452042
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022007WC REG161452040
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022008WC REG143102038
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022010WC REG161322037
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022012WC REG152232035
Heine BijkerHOLLAND20022013WC REG161322033
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2004WC FINALS09703437
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2005WC FINALS061003435
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2006WC FINALS6915103434
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2008WC FINALS7410603431
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2011WC FINALS7471043429
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2013WC FINALS7810863427
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2004WC REG101403438
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2005WC REG162353436
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2006WC REG232403433
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2007WC REG163153432
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2008WC REG142303430
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2011WC REG111223428
Henk NijmanHOLLAND2013WC REG162243426
Henk Van RensburgSOUTH AFRICA2009WC FINALS7519155215
Henk Van RensburgSOUTH AFRICA2003WC REG313305218
Henk Van RensburgSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG261555217
Henk Van RensburgSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG0005216
Henk Van RensburgSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG313395214
Henk VoetsHOLLAND2001WC FINALS6012401281
Henk VoetsHOLLAND2009WC FINALS7521581278
Henk VoetsHOLLAND2001WC REG0001280
Henk VoetsHOLLAND2002WC REG103101279
Henk VoetsHOLLAND2009WC REG142211277
Hennie CloeteSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG554556094
Hennie CloeteSOUTH AFRICA2014WC REG555416095
Hennie Du BruynSOUTH AFRICA2009WC REG71149285
Hennie Du PreezSOUTH AFRICA2012WC FINALS7416376567
Hennie Du PreezSOUTH AFRICA2012WC REG374376568
Hennie KerstenWA, USA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD152235293
Hennie KerstenWA, USA2011NCF REG 11 BIRD173225292
Hennie KerstenWA, USA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD142215290
Hennie KerstenWA, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD163205288
Hennie KerstenWA, USA2012WC REG243305291
Hennie KerstenWA, USA2014WC REG275205289
Hennie PfhalSOUTH AFRICA2002WC REG0006986
Hennie PfhalSOUTH AFRICA2004WC REG262456985
Hennie PfhalSOUTH AFRICA2006WC REG0006984
Hennie PfhalSOUTH AFRICA2007WC REG173156983
Henning PedersonDENMARK1998WC FINALS08806445
Henning PedersonDENMARK1998WC REG0006446
Henri SmitHOLLAND2008WC FINAL741510743
Henri SmitHOLLAND2014WC FINAL741637738
Henri SmitHOLLAND2005WC REG16315746
Henri SmitHOLLAND2006WC REG23150745
Henri SmitHOLLAND2007WC REG16235744
Henri SmitHOLLAND2008WC REG14140742
Henri SmitHOLLAND2010WC REG16320741
Henri SmitHOLLAND2012WC REG15130740
Henri SmitHOLLAND2014WC REG15130739
Henri SmitHOLLAND2015WC REG16132737
Henry AguirreCA, USA2013WC REG305237953
Henry AguirreCA, USA2013WC REG306157954
Henry AlarconCA, USA2009WC REG163207652
Henry AlarconCA, USA2010WC REG315247651
Henry CookUSAYes2001WC FINALS595110999
Henry CookUSAYes1997WC REG261551001
Henry CookUSAYes2001WC REG242401000
Henry CookUSAYes2002WC REG30325998
Henry CookUSAYes2006WC REG17235997
Henry DavisUSA2019NCF 20 BIRD FINAL2412225929
Henry DavisUSA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019101205930
Henry DavisUSA2015WC FINAL722675932
Henry DavisUSA2015WC REG141285933
Henry DavisUSA2016WC REGION151305931
Henry DeboerUSA1999IDAHO ROLLER CLUB91156682
Henry DeboerUSA2000IDAHO ROLLER CLUB92106681
Henry DeboerUSA1992WC REG201456683
Henry DejongCANADA1997NBRC REG 20 BIRD152308346
Hilly FlowersCA, USA2011WC REG527218763
Homer GriggsUSA202211 Bird Regional 6C244245985
Homer GriggsTX, USA1999NBRC REG16235565
Homer GriggsTX, USA2000TEXAS FLY 20 BIRD11310563
Homer GriggsTX, USA1999WC FINALS05110564
Homer GriggsTX, USA2000WC FINALS01610561
Homer GriggsTX, USA1999WC REG23150566
Homer GriggsTX, USA2000WC REG22240562
Homer GriggsTX, USA2019WC REG 201912218559
Houston BarnettUSA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD91187987
Houston BarnettUSA2016WC REGION153197986
Huey ConnUSA202211 Bird Regional 6A101205978
Huey ConnTX USA202220 Bird NCF Finals471242
Huey ConnTX USA202220 Bird Regional11122
Huey ConnUSA2021NCF 11 Bird final16527
Huey ConnTX, USA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG81163946
Huey ConnTX, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 201951103943
Huey ConnUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg 6A10120
Huey ConnTX, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION81163950
Huey ConnTX, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD FINAL246363941
Huey ConnTX, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD FINALS3216183948
Huey ConnTX, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD FINALS304513945
Huey ConnTX, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG51103947
Huey ConnTX, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG91183944
Huey ConnTX, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 201971143942
Huey ConnTX, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION51103949
Huey ConnTX, USA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD442933955
Huey ConnTX, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD191383960
Huey ConnTX, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD81163956
Huey ConnTX, USA2014NCF REG 20 BIRD122183952
Huey ConnTX, USA2014WC FINAL743373953
Huey ConnTX, USA2012WC FINALS743483958
Huey ConnTX, USA2012WC REG231463959
Huey ConnTX, USA2013WC REG121243957
Huey ConnTX, USA2014WC REG141283954
Huey ConnTX, USA2015WC REG101203951
Huey ConnTX USA2023 WC REG10120
Hugh SmithUSA1996WC FINALS011505522
Hugh SmithUSA1997WC FINALS019105520
Hugh SmithUSA1996WC REG0005523
Hugh SmithUSA1997WC REG311655521
Hugh SurgenorNORTHERN IRELAND2012WC REG153198973
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD29429207
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD30338204
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD41352202
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2009WC REG45445208
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2010WC REG57629206
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2010WC REG57912205
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2011WC REG52626203
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2012WC REG571114201
Hugo (Spanky) CuevasCA, USA2017WC REG27427200
Hunter SiggardUSA202211 Bird Final487676043
Hunter SiggardUSA202211 Bird Regional 7A242365988
Hunter SiggardUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 7A11217
Hunter SiggardUT, USA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG152238603
Hunter SiggardUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg. 7A10120
Hunter SiggardUSA2023 WC REG9118
Hutch HutchinsonUSA2018WC REG224228667
I BirkettENGLAND1998AERC OLD BIRD FLY512705689
I BirkettENGLAND1998NBRA OLD BIRD FLY201455690
Ian CraigENGLAND2007WC REG123109357
Ian LawrenceENGLAND1995WC REG373358068
Irvin KaySOUTH AFRICA2000WC REG0006145
Irvin KaySOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG243206143
Isaac AyalaCA, USA2016WC REGION355267637
Isaac AyalaCA, USA2016WC REGION356187638
Ismail HaydarAUSTRALIA2014WC FINAL7451181466
Ismail HaydarAUSTRALIA2015WC FINAL723471465
Ismail HaydarAUSTRALIA2014WC REG271541467
Ismail HaydarAUSTRALIA2014WC REG274271468
Ivan CvitkovicCROATIA2013WC REG152237706
Ivan CvitkovicCROATIA2015WC REG153197705
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD03803664
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2005NBRC REG81403662
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD103103663
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD112303659
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD111403667
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD101403660
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION91183653
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019153193651
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION112173652
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2011NCF REG 11 BIRD172263656
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD163203655
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2004WC FINALS020103666
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2004WC REG262453665
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2005WC REG263253661
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2006WC REG221503658
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2007WC REG171453657
Ivan HanchettOR, USA2016WC REGION243303654
Ivan PozegaCANADA2011WC REG112179085
J HallENGLAND2008WC REG133109361
J Van TonderSOUTH AFRICA2010WC REG6211245533
J.B. MitchellNC, USA2000NBRC REG 11 BIRD112306866
J.B. MitchellNC, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD61126865
J.B. MitchellNC, USA2010WC REG214216864
J.D.SmileyUSA202211 Bird Regional 5101205976
Jack CourtsCANADA1992WC FINALS07904593
Jack CourtsCANADA2003WC FINALS017104591
Jack CourtsCANADA1992WC REG201454594
Jack CourtsCANADA2003WC REG0004592
Jack CourtsCANADA2004WC REG151404590
Jack MeyersUSA1999CCRC CLUB82101337
Jack MeyersUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD112301334
Jack MeyersUSA2018NCF102151330
Jack MeyersUSA2016NCF 20 BIRD REGION102151333
Jack MeyersUSA1999NCRC CLUB81151336
Jack MeyersUSA1991PRA WEST COAST FLY401551338
Jack MeyersUSA2000WC REG292451335
Jack MeyersUSA2017WC REG101201332
Jack MeyersUSA2018WC REG81161331
Jack MeyersCA USA2023 WC REG10120
Jack SmithCANADA2006WC REG133108949
Jack SmithCANADA2007WC REG83108948
Jack WoodUSA202211 Bird Regional 5101205977
Jack WoodKS USA202220 Bird regional14221
Jack WoodUSA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD81166475
Jack WoodUSA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD102156472
Jack WoodUSA2014WC REG131266474
Jack WoodUSA2015WC REG132206473
Jacob McdonaldUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD103109441
Jake Wright2010NCF REG 20 BIRD121248579
James BrownUSA2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD123106452
James BrownUSA2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD201456450
James BrownUSA2001OK STATE FLY112256451
James HendersonUSA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD312477497
James TempleSOUTH AFRICA2015WC FINAL723676778
James TempleSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG544546779
James TempleSOUTH AFRICA2015WC REG541056780
James TurnerNC, USA2005WC REG192358027
Jan FleerakkersHOLLAND2014WC FINAL744077170
Jan FleerakkersHOLLAND2014WC REG152237171
Jan FleerakkersHOLLAND2015WC REG162247169
Jan HatzmanHOLLAND1993WC FINALS020109521
Jan HatzmanHOLLAND1993WC REG0009522
Jan KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2005WC REG0009484
Jan KnoetzeSOUTH AFRICA2008WC REG153109483
Jared CarverUSA200611 BIRD REG103109445
Jarod MurrayUSA202211 Bird Regional 8C304236003
Jarod MurrayID USA2023WC REG32248
Jarrett BranchUSA1999WC REG212358060
Jarrett BranchUSA2002WC REG0008059
Jarrod MurrayUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019121248543
Jason BrownUSA2009WC REG224228683
Jason ClemensUSA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019214218743
Jason CroxfordUT, USA2014WC REG285218759
Jason TriasHI, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD152237074
Jason TriasHI, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD102157072
Jason TriasHI, USA2013WC REG255197073
Javier AvitaCA. USA2014WC REG402616906
Javier AvitiaCA USA202220 Bird Regional40716
Javier FloresCA, USA2011WC REG529119313
Jay KneppUSA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD21320511
Jay KneppUSA2007NBRC REG 11 BIRD20315510
Jay KneppUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD21421504
Jay KneppUSA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD20325503
Jay KneppUSA2011WC FINALS74218507
Jay KneppUSA2009WC REG23235509
Jay KneppUSA2010WC REG20230508
Jay KneppUSA2011WC REG31247506
Jay KneppUSA2012WC REG27334505
Jay KneppUSA2014WC REG35435502
Jay KneppUSA2015WC REG29158501
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes201711 BIRD FINALS189221687
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1997LOCAL CLUB101151729
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1998LOCAL CLUB101151726
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2001LOCAL CLUB101151715
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2000LOCAL FALL COMP101151720
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2003NBRC 20 BIRD FINALS05601707
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1997NBRC FINALS03801730
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2001NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD125601714
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1998NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD09201728
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1999NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD011001725
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2002NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD06501711
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2004NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD314701705
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1996NBRC REG161451732
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1997NBRC REG251501731
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1998NBRC REG111401727
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2000NBRC REG302451717
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD151401716
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD63101709
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1999NBRC REG 20 BIRD251501723
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2001NBRC REG 20 BIRD301551713
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2002NBRC REG 20 BIRD191451710
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2003NBRC REG 20 BIRD301551708
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2004NBRC REG 20 BIRD261551704
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2016NCF 11 BIRD FINALS185291688
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION202301689
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2017NCF 11 BIRD REGION192291686
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4417181692
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2013NCF REG 11 BIRD142211691
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2012NCF REG 20 BIRD163201699
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2012NCF REG 20 BIRD285211695
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2013NCF REG 20 BIRD192291693
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2000SPRING FLY, CLUB101151718
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2000UTAH STATE FLY251601719
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1990WC FINALS010601735
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1995WC FINALS015101734
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2000WC FINALS597901721
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2012WC FINALS7418231696
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1990WC REG473451736
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1995WC REG373351733
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes1999WC REG261551724
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2000WC REG301551722
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2002WC REG233201712
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2003WC REG311601706
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2010WC REG274271702
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2011WC REG263331700
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2011WC REG265201701
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2012WC REG401801697
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2012WC REG406201698
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2013WC REG311621694
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2004WC REG 20 BIRD273251703
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2019WC REG 2019212321684
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2019WC REG 2019214211685
Jay StarleyUT, USA2000yes2016WC REGION311621690
Jay ThibodeauxUSA1999NBRC REG42305603
Jay ThibodeauxUSA2002NBRC REG 20 BIRD213205602
Jay ThibodeauxUSA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD102155598
Jay ThibodeauxUSA2003WC REG203155601
Jay ThibodeauxUSA2012WC REG132205600
Jay ThibodeauxUSA2013WC REG132205599
Jay VentressUSA202211 Bird regional 9F213276016
Jay VentressUSA20102010 WC REG316161262
Jay VentressUSA20122011 NCF REG 11 BIRD193241260
Jay VentressUSA20122011 NCF REG 20 BIRD191381259
Jay VentressUSA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD171151263
Jay VentressUSA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG203251255
Jay VentressUSA2010NCF REG 11 BIRD222331261
Jay VentressUSA2013NCF REG 11 BIRD212321258
Jay VentressUSA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD213261256
Jay VentressUSA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD223281257
Jay YandleUSA202211 Bird Regional 1D182275949
Jay YandleNC, USA2003NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD011003032
Jay YandleNC, USA2004NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD06503029
Jay YandleNC, USA2005NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD195603027
Jay YandleNC, USA2000NBRC REG 11 BIRD53103035
Jay YandleNC, USA2001NBRC REG 11 BIRD111403034
Jay YandleNC, USA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD201453031
Jay YandleNC, USA2003NBRC REG 11 BIRD113203033
Jay YandleNC, USA2004NBRC REG 11 BIRD162353030
Jay YandleNC, USA2005NBRC REG 11 BIRD191453028
Jay YandleNC, USA2006NBRC REG 11 BIRD112303026
Jay YandleNC, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD FINAL178223009
Jay YandleNC, USA2019NCF 11 BIRD REG 2019151303010
Jay YandleNC, USA2016NCF 11 BIRD REGION101203012
Jay YandleUSA2021NCF 20 bird Finals261322
Jay YandleNC, USA2017NCF 20 BIRD REG101203011
Jay YandleNC, USA2013NCF FINALS 20 BIRD4411443018
Jay YandleNC, USA2009NCF REG 11 BIRD81163024
Jay YandleNC, USA2012NCF REG 11 BIRD81163020
Jay YandleUSA2021NCF Reg 1D10114
Jay YandleNC, USA2013NCF REG 20 BIRD101203019
Jay YandleNC, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD101203013
Jay YandleNC, USA2015NCF REG 20 BIRD102153014
Jay YandleNC, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD101203017
Jay YandleNC, USA2015WC FINAL722373015
Jay YandleNC, USA2009WC REG252383025
Jay YandleNC, USA2010WC REG213273023
Jay YandleNC, USA2011WC REG153193022
Jay YandleNC, USA2012WC REG182273021
Jay YandleNC, USA2015WC REG131263016
Jeb SillarUSA2021NCF 11 Bird Reg. 3A20323
Jeff DewittUSA202211 Bird Regional 3A405305962
Jeff DewittUSA2011NCF FINALS 11 BIRD165261029
Jeff DewittUSA2011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5211521028
Jeff DewittUSA2011NCF REG 11 BIRD202301031
Jeff DewittUSA2010NCF REG 20 BIRD112171032
Jeff DewittUSA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD191381030
Jeff DewittUSA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD213261027
Jeff DewittUSA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD265201024
Jeff DewittUSA2013WC REG253321026
Jeff DewittUSA2014WC REG356181025
Jeff LackeyUSA202211 Bird Regional 6C243305984
Jeff LackeyTX USA202220 Bird NCF Finals47215
Jeff LackeyTX USA202220 Bird Regional24236
Jeff LuttrellUSA2017NCF 11 BIRD FINALS181454698
Jeff LuttrellUSA2017NCF 11 BIRD REG111224697
Jeff LuttrellUSA2018NCF 11 BIRD REG142214696
Jeff LuttrellUSA2015NCF REG 11 BIRD204204700
Jeff LuttrellUSA2015WC REG293464701
Jeff LuttrellUSA2017WC REG183244699
Jeff MaUSA1999WC REG313308244
Jeff MeierMT, USA2019NCF 20 BIRD REG 2019202305921
Jeff MeierMT, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD102155925
Jeff MeierMT, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD101205923
Jeff MeierMT, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD102155924
Jeff MeierMT, USA2018WC REG182275922
Jeff MeirUSA2018NCF 20 BIRD REG203258456
Jeff NorbergUSA2012WC REG302457530
Jeff SummersUT, USA2014NFC REG 20 BIRD192298370
Jeff ThomasUSA1998GA STATE FLY93109492
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2007NBRC REG 20 BIRD101401292
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD5217211287
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD151301288
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2012NCF REG 20 BIRD204201285
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2008WC REG153101291
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2010WC REG311621290
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2011WC REG173221289
Jeronimo FloresCA, USA2012WC REG162241286
Jerry BessUSA1996WC FINALS014206795
Jerry BessUSA1996WC REG473456796
Jerry BoehmannUSA1994WC REG363358072
Jerry ChaconUSA2021NCF 20 Bird final26932
Jerry ChaconUSA2021NCF 20 Bird Reg 7B11122
Jerry GreenUSA1999ALL IOWA FLY 11 BIRD182304626
Jerry GreenUSA1999NBRC REG 20 BIRD31404627
Jerry HansenUT, USA20162016 WC REGION315238591
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2000NBRC FINALS05602205
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2000NBRC REG0002203
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2005NBRC REG 20 BIRD281552200
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2009NCF REG 20 BIRD224222195
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1991WC FINALS07902213
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1992WC FINALS031302210
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1998WC FINALS07902207
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2004WC FINALS041202201
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2006WC FINALS697902198
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2010WC FINALS772782193
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2012WC FINALS7410822191
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1991WC REG511802212
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1992WC REG671952211
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1995WC REG701952209
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1997WC REG763752208
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes1998WC REG481752206
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2000WC REG301552204
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2004WC REG343302202
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2005WC REG332502199
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2006WC REG321602197
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2007WC REG301552196
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2010WC REG211422194
Jerry HigginsCA, USA1999yes2012WC REG274272192
Jerry HolderAR, USA2013MASTERFLIER3041
Jerry HolderAR, USA1997NBRC FINALS09203053
Jerry HolderAR, USA1996NBRC FINALS 20 BIRD02903054
Jerry HolderAR, USA1997NBRC REG101403052
Jerry HolderAR, USA1996NBRC REG 20 BIRD231503055
Jerry HolderAR, USA2006NBRC REG 20 BIRD241453047
Jerry HolderAR, USA2011NCF FINALS 20 BIRD525843043
Jerry HolderAR, USA2009NCF REG 20 BIRD316163046
Jerry HolderAR, USA2011NCF REG 20 BIRD403503042
Jerry HolderAR, USA1994WC FINALS051103057
Jerry HolderAR, USA2005WC FINALS014203049
Jerry HolderAR, USA1994WC REG151403056
Jerry HolderAR, USA1999WC REG292453051
Jerry HolderAR, USA2001WC REG223203050
Jerry HolderAR, USA2005WC REG192353048
Jerry HolderAR, USA2010WC REG285213045
Jerry HolderAR, USA2011WC REG301603044
Jerry HolderAR, USA2013WC REG252383040
Jerry HolderAR, USA2014WC REG173213039
Jerry HulseUSA2002OGDEN CLUB FLY5259668
Jerry KernUSA2001ALL IOWA FLY122304572
Jerry KernUSA1999NBRC FINALS08304575
Jerry KernUSA2002NBRC FINALS 11 BIRD124704571
Jerry KernUSA1999NBRC REG61404574
Jerry KernUSA2000NBRC REG 11 BIRD163154573
Jerry KernUSA2002NBRC REG 11 BIRD0004570
Jerry LleranasUSA2012WC REG111227982
Jerry LleranasUSA2013WC REG102157981
Jerry TolesMD, USA2014NFC REG 11 BIRD163228695
Jesse MouaCA, USA2013WC REG32