Measures 12’ wide and 3’ deep.
It holds 4 kit boxes.
Each box inside is about 3’ x 3’ divided equally into the 12′.
The kit boxes, roof are made out of 3/4” plywood, covered with 40 lb. rolled roofing.
Each trap door serves as a landing board.
 Box perches:
3/4” plywood cut in 4” strips, notched on 8” centers and put together.
 Held in place by 2 angle brackets.
 Each set holds 16 birds.
 I can put 2 in each box if I have enough birds. Right now I only have one in each box to prevent the birds from hopping back and forth wasting energy.
The back of the kit box.
 The back is 66” high.
 All of the doors front and back measure 21 3/4” x 39 1/4”.
View from inside the kit box.
These are feeders I made.
 The birds have to eat from the sides and there is less caos this way.
 You can buy these online for $40.00.
The kits share a water. This way they are unable to sit on them and use as a perch.
The birds using one of the kit boxes.
 The training cage is mobile and can be moved from one box to another or removed entirely.
 It has a door on the left side for access to the trap and to change out the water.

 The bottom is framed out of pressure treated 2×4’s , pressure treated 4 x 4’s. 1” x 1” welded wire and 2’ x 8’ metal lathe.

 The lathe does a good job of keeping snakes, mice and vermin out of the kit box while the 3/8 x 3/8” holes allowed good air flow for ventilation.
  I also wrapped the loft with lathe for the same reasons.  And it’s easy to cut with tin shears.
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