Rollermen of the Past

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Carl Silvey, Paul Vaughn and Henry Shulties.

Richard Ezpinosa Jerry Higgins Bob Scott Charlie Saldana Frank Lavin

Rayford Lewis

Front Chuck Hayes, Ernie Smith, Tom Jennings. In the rear George Reeve and Jim Petersen.

Guil Rand John Elton

Don Simpson and Mel Stalzer

Don Oullette

David K Kowalski and Bill Murkley

Mark Ritter (with long hair)

Norm Reed and David Henderson

George Mason and Bill Barrett

Jim Petersen

Les Beznace Harold Ryan George Kitson

Rick Mee and Robert Parker

J Leroy Smith

Unknown 3

Joe Marlett

Unknown 4

Frank Lavin

Mick Kelham Ernie Stratford, Bill Barrett, Ron Adams, Barry Schackelton, George Mason, and John Thompson.

Joe Bob Stuka

Keven Monroe Jerry Higgins Danny Galarza Rod Pasco

Ellis McDonald

Bob Simpson Wally Fort James Turner

Charlie Albaugh

Bill Pensom


Jon Farr

Bob Simpson

Touhoua Yang

Clay Hoyle

L-R Greg Truesdale, Anthony Ashely, Jay Yandle, the WC judge from SA, Don Greene, James Turner, Jimmy Waters, Don Simpson and Van Newsom

Co Thor, Gregg Sale, Touhoua Yang and Jay Vang.

Doug Brown driving, George Mason passenger, Trevor Slater background

Ron Modem Wright Miller a friend of John Sandoval George Curtis a friend of John Sandoval’s and John Sandoval in front.

L-R: Tou Yang, Norm Hebib, 2019 WC Finals Judge Graham Dexter, Emsud Kesedzic, Clay Hoyle, Jay Yandle, and Greg Truesdale

Back row L to R, unknown, unknown, Nikola Vukasinovic (2 times Euro Fly winner) Dusan Popovic ( 2017 W.Cup 7th) Boris Recek (W.Cup 2013 9th, 2017 5th, 2018 4th). Middle row, Robert Stefan Badele, Gabriel Botezatu, Vukasin Pejcic (W.Cup 2014 2nd, 2015 10th, 2019 6th) loan Ioan Aldea, Milojevic Zivorad, Vladica Sladjana Opricic, Sergiu Duhora, unknown, Branko Pajič. Kneeling, Petar Brlosic, Florin Racanu, Eric Laidler, Mihai Aldea, Petry Trif, and unknown.

Heine Bijker on left, don’t konw the guys behind Heine, Laszlo Farkas (Laci), unknown, Gabriel Botezatu, Austin Fox and Shawn Overfield

Don Ouellette in 1996

Front row squatting L-R Rich Fulkerson, Don Lehman. Back row L- R Daryl Norris. Paul Anderson, Max Runyon, Ralph Davis, Ivan Hanchett, Karl Krebs. And Bill Schrieber

2nd Annual Royal Rumble – Gwill Stenhouse Chris Garland Arthur Garland Dushun White

Pensom, Stephens, Evans

Henry Deboer, Dirk Deboer, Doc Rieman and Brent Martindale.

Paul Bradford, Monty Neibel, and Rick Schoening

Dirk Deboer

John Johnson, Rick Shoenig

Jim Sargent

Jim Sargent

Beaver Dayton, Myself the judge, Mike Hurley, Cherry Hurley, Tina Turner and Bob Turner.

Dennis Hayes

Steve Bowen, Clay Palamides, Rich Hayes, RonNoin, Dennis Haye’s and Mike Danielson.

Gary Barres and Ron Moon.

John Johnson, Jon Farr