There are 4 patterns and they are listed in order from least dominant to most.

  1. Barless
  2. Barred
  3. Checked
  4. T-check

Here is an example of each.   These examples are given in blue color palette but the same applies to ash red.

The barless roller still has the colored wings and tail feathers.

This is the typical blue bar pigeon with including dark wings and a dark band on the tail.

The check has some light spaces around the checks which makes it slightly more attractive than the t-check.  With no other factors it also has the dark wing feathers and colored tail band. 

The t-check is my least favorite pattern on the blue.  It just looks drab and messy. And yet, in the red it is a more attractive bird.   Like the others it has dark wings and a dark tail band.

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