**** Still looking for information on the Higgins family.

One of the inquiries that was posted: ANYBODY HAVE ANY INFO ON THIS COCK HIGGINS 923-88 AND OR HIS SON (CPRC 69-)

The reply was taken from a pedigree: NBRC-88-923 Blk wf Cock is off IRA-76-136 the foundation cock that is out of JCH-74-436 and JCH-74-437 Houghton Kumro blood some of the best. and CPRC-91-69 Cock was off 923 and TRA-88-974 dunn self hen bred by Dave Goss

This discussion gives us some insight into the makeup of at least part of the Higgins birds.

In 2008 there was discussion on an old roller forum about Higgins bred birds. Guys posted the following birds bred by Jerry Higgins himself.

This is his brother NBRC 95 0016
3/4 Sizzle Cock (3/4 of the Sizzle hen)
The 123 Cock
breed by jerry higgins#1870-99
breed by jerry higgins#862-06
CPRC-1807-05 Year “10” Hatch “Old Band” Jerry Higgins bred this Hen

Out of Jerry Higgins A Team CPRC 1183 2011 40ft Super Star Bred by.Jerry Higgins

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