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The 4th Annual Modoc High Mountain Roller Classic Futurity had a great year we only had 25 birds total for the year due to the New Castle Cutting into entries .

We only had 4 die of some type of illness , 2 bumped and died 3 culled from fly as they had kitting issues or tree sitting and or returned to owners per their request , and 2 M.I.A and 1 I actually seen taken by a B.O.P last winter and 1 bumped and killed it’s self .

I really enjoyed this year I’ve learned a lot and I look forward to many more years and more friendships that’s been created the past 4 years . I hope you all enjoyed this years video updates . Thank you all for your love and support .

– Danny Duren, Sr.



Click on either of the pictures below to visit YouTube and watch some of the action.  The first is from February 17, 2020 and the second from March 9, 2020.




This years list of flyers


1stMa Lee47Band # EVO 5211st place Ma Lee BBWF This is an excellent bird with a roll depth from 15-40 plus ft. Ma Lee won the National 11 bird Championship in 2016 with a total of 563 points. This is the 2nd Time Ma Lee has won the Modoc Futurity Fly. Here is a chance to purchase a top-performing bird.
2ndAnnette Sherman44Band # AS 110.2nd Place is Annette Sherman’s bird. This is a 3/4 Stratford 1/4 Easley cross. This is a very nice spinner with a roll depth 15-40ft.,
3rdDave Murray26Band # DCWF Ogmuroll 733rd Place bred by Dave Murray which is a master-flyer with the Thunderbird club. I was told this is his family with 12 years work in progress.
4thJohn Potter20Band # DCWF Ivan 19524th place John Potter excellent bird with a 15-20 ft average depth.
5thMa Lee14Band # EVO 475. 5th place Black Badge bird bred by Ma Lee average depth 15-20 ft. Ma Lee won the 2016 11 bird National Championship fly.
6thElton Davis12Band # Kinfoke 6156th place Blue Grizzle bred by Elton Davis. A very clean spin average depth of 15ft can get to 20 ft at times, Juan Navarro Family.
7thElon Davis9Band # BC Kinfoke 652.7th Place bred by (JR Flyer) Elon Davis average depth 15-20 ft family Juan Navarro family.
John Perrin8Band # BCWF NWRJ 021The bloodline of this bird goes back to the best of Don Simpson’s family. Here is the chance to get a Hall of Famer’s bloodline. TIED FOR 8th Place bred by John Perrin average depth 15-20ft.
Ma Lee8Band # EVO 475 Tied at 8th Place bred by Ma Lee average depth 20-30ft Ash Red
9thRod Jones6Band # AARC 1626.Ninth place Red Grizzle bred by Rod Jones average depth 15 feet, Cornell Norwood family.
10thJim Lutz5Band # IPBR 7744Black grizzle bred by Jim Lutz.
11thMitch Reed411th place DC Badge score 4 points bred by Mitch Reed though it didn’t score high it got a clean spin of average depth 15 ft. Came into the roll late.

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