Pigeon Nutri Drops






Vitamin A

Aids eye disorders and skin disorders.
Necessary for tissue maintenance and repair
Important in formation of bones
Increases antibody response


Vitamin D

Increases calcium utilization
Increases re-absorption of phosphorous


Vitamin E (Antioxidant)

Important synergism with Selenium
Shields healthy cells from pollution
Protects immune system from damage of stress such as exercise and pollution
Improves circulation
Lowers blood pressure

Promotes healing
Reduces the requirement for oxygen


Vitamins: B (Choline and Thiamine)

Important in the aging animal as nerve transmissions decline
Necessary for utilization in the final stages of carbohydrate metabolism
Stimulates appetite
Increases growth
Maintains healthy heart


Amino Acids: (Methionine and Lysine)

Essential for maintenance and growth



Selenium (Antioxidant)  (electrolyte)
Protects immune system by preventing formation of free radicals
Selenium and Vitamin E act synergistically
Maintains healthy heart and liver
Improves performance
Increases the production of antibodies


Calcium: (electrolyte)

Builds stronger, denser bones early in life
Keeps bones strong and healthy later in life
Essential for many metabolic processes, including nerve function, muscle      contraction &; blood clotting



Essential for normal bone structure
Promotes normal immune system function


Magnesium (electrolyte)

Essential neuromuscular activity
Encourages bone structure


Pigeon Nutri-Drops 8 oz.


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