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This is a used Flextone call. It is programmed for over 100 types of calls but not all of the calls may work. The owl call will work. I have used one of these calls personally and it has worked to drive a copper hawk away by using the barred owl call. It requires 8 AA batteries that are not included and it has no charger for it. These calls sell for over $160 new. Shipping paid for in the USA. Foreign orders welcome for additional shipping costs!

Product Overview


  • Large backlit LCD – High-quality bi-directional speaker system
  • Long-range remote control activation
  • Docking station recharges remote control unit
  • Unit and remote can activate calls
  • Preloaded with 100 categorized calls
  • Remote uses 1 Lithium-Ion battery
  • The unit uses 8 AA batteries


Flextone Game Calls introduces the Echo HD electronic call. The Echo HD is a more advanced electronic call with features that will drop your jaw with realistic animal sounds. The Echo HD comes pre-loaded with 100 high-definition calls and is programmable giving you the perfect hunting scenario.


The innovative Echo HD is made up of a base unit with high-quality directional speakers, giving the perception of animals in their natural habitat. A handheld remote activation is included for the perfect set up and can be activated up to 300 yards away. The handheld remote comes with a docking station in the base unit for recharging, making use even easier! The base unit and remote comes with an easy-to-use backlit LCD interface for quick sound selection and easy viewing at night.


The Echo HD is water-resistant and rubber-coated making it the perfect call in all weather conditions and quiet in the field. The Echo HD comes with rechargeable batteries and a lanyard for easy transport and weighs in at three pounds.


Preloaded with 100 Calls: Bear 4 Month Distress, Bear Adult Distress, Blue Jay, Bobwhite Quail, Catbird, Magpie, Pileated Woodpecker, Red Winged Blackbird Distress, Ringneck Young Male Distress, Starling Distress, Bobcat Adult Female in Heat, Bobcat Baby Distress, Bobcat Female Distress, Cougar Female Call, Cougar Male Call, Coyote Adult Distress, Coyote Adult Female Howl, Coyote Barks, Coyote Beta Male Howls, Coyote Female Challenge, Coyote Hunting Whines, Coyote Male Aggressive, Coyote Male Communicative, Coyote Male Rally Howl, Coyote Pup 3 Week Distress, Coyote Pup Distress, Coyote Pup Scream, Coyote Pup Single Howl, Coyote Pup Submissive, Coyote Pups Whining, Coyote Young Group Howl, Crow Adult Distress, Crow Alarms, Crow Baby Distress, Crow Young Distress, Crows Mobbing, Elk Bugle, Elk Calf Distress, Gray Fax Adult Female Distress, Gray Fox Barks, Gray Fox Distress, Red Fox Adult Distress, Red Fox Baby Distress, Javelina Adult Distress, Javelina Young Distress, Pig Adult Distress, Pig Baby Distress, Deer Mouse Squeak, Vole Mouse Squeak, Barred Owl Call, Barred Owl Distress, Great Horned Owl Call, Owl Hoot, Owl Scream, Prairie Dog Distress, Baby Cottontail, European Hare Distress, Fleming Hare Baby Distress, Fleming Hare Adult Distress, Jackrabbit Distress, Juvenile Cottontail Distress, Juvenile Jackrabbit Distress, Pigmy Cottontail Distress, Snowshoe Hare Distress, Young Jackrabbit, Aggressive Raccoon, Raccoon Babies Fighting, Raccoon Babies and Adult Fighting, Raccoon Baby Distress, Raccoon Distress, Raccoon Twitter, Snow Geese Excited, Snow Geese Feeding, Black Squirrel Distress, Fox Squirrel Distress, Red Squirrel Distress, Squirrel Bark and Whine, Turkey Chirp, Turkey Gobble, Turkey Hen Feeding, Turkey Purr, Turkey Tom Aggressive, Acorn Crunching, Baby Deer Distress, Buck Growl, Buck Grunts Natural, Buck Snort Wheeze, Buck Social Grunt, Buck Tending Grunt, Corn Feeder Going Off, Grunts, Desperate Doe Estrus, Doe Estrus Bleat, Fawn Bleat, Fawn Distress, Fight Sequence, Wolf Male Howl, Wolf Pup Distress





Technical Information

Dimensions: 10.5” x 10.5” x 5”

Weight:3 lb


Connectivity: N/A

Number of Included Sounds: 100

Sound Capacity:100

Compatible File Formats: N/A

Remote Range: 300 yards