7 mm Seamless Bands Personalized


Three sizes available for Rollers: L – R; 7 , 7.5 & 8 mm

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Seamless bands that are customizable. The available colors are the circled ones in the chart.  Must be ordered in increments of 25.

Anodized Band colors are available. If not ordering anodized bands then you click none next to anodized bands.


These bands are 7 mm tall (compared to 10.3 mm of the larger bands).

If ordering plastic or aluminum bands click none next to anodized color.


Enter your customization in the Order Notes field on the Checkout page (right hand column of that page). They have space for two lines with 12 letters per line.   The band can be personalized with your name, club name, phone number, address or whatever you can fit – up to 12 letters per line.


Please include the two customized lines in the order notes at checkout.


You can also include a picture of club or loft emblems, state or national flags – just be aware they are going to be small and detail will be lost.


You may include Year and a Number Sequence.


Please note:  The manufacturer requires 200 of the same colors before producing them, which means if you order only 100 there may a delay until they consolidate with another order for production.

Price includes shipping within the USA! Foreign orders welcome for an additional $17 for shipping.


Usually takes 4 – 5 weeks for delivery.

2 of the types of bands available in 7 mm bands.

rolled anodized aluminum                                 plastic coated aluminum core


Additional information

Band Colors

Black, Blue, Grass Green, Green, None, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Band Include Year

No, Yes

Band Number Sequence

No, Yes

Anodized color

none, sky blue, blue, dark blue, black, silver, red, dark red, pink, light brown, brown, green, dark green, orange, purple, dark purple, golden, yellow

Band Core

Aluminum, Plastic

Which Year desired on band

2021, 2022