NBRC Tennessee Futurity-Cancelled 2023

NBRC Tennessee Futurity –Cancelled 2023

The NBRC is pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring a futurity fly designed to select the best individual spinning roller. This event, NBRC Tennessee Futurity, will be held at Ruben Solorio’s home. There will be a live auction and meal on the final day of the fly, September 24, 2022. The live auction will be for mature birds donated for this auction.


Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

All birds must be banded with a 2022 band.

This is for NBRC Members only.

The 2022 Futurity will start in April after receiving all birds.

 Birds can start arriving on March 26th, 2022, and end on April 9, 2022.

All birds will be shipped to Leon Kosisko.

Ruben Solorio will be the loft manager and the final judge.


The entry fee is $25

The perch fee is $25

The total cost for one bird is the entry fee plus the perch fee: $50

Entries and perch fees for a total of $50 should be sent to:

Danny Sturgeon or PayPal account: dannysturgeon@gmail.com 

14470 Monroe Rd 1059

Madison, Mo. 65263


The perch fee is required to reserve a spot in the futurity.

The TOTAL COST is required before the birds are shipped.



  1. Contestants must be National Birmingham Roller Club members to enter this futurity.
  2. Each entry shall be for one bird. The bird(s) must be banded with a seamless band on a single leg. A maximum of 2 birds per breeder.
  3. Entries will be limited to 45 birds. Entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served to start on March 1st.
  4.  Contestants pay for the shipping of their birds.
  5. The entry fee is $25 per entry. A perch fee of $25 is required at the time of entry. The balance of the entry fee shall be due BEFORE birds are shipped. Contestants are responsible for getting birds to the loft manager at their expense. 
  6. Bird entries will be received between March 26- April 9, 2022. 
  7. The Futurity will hold a meal and live auction on September 24 for mature donated birds.
  8. All birds culled will be offered back to the breeder of the bird and the specific breeder will be responsible for all shipping costs to get the bird back. If the bird is culled and the breeder says he wants it back and it is not shipped back within 60 days of this notice the bird will be culled (killed) without notice.
  9. Birds that are found dead or rolled down and died will be documented and the band removed and saved for records of proof. The breeder will be notified. 
  10. Should the event be canceled for whatever reason the “Perch Fee” is non-refundable if your bird dies or vanishes and you choose not to replace the bird at your cost, you do not get a refund of entry nor perch fees.
  11.  Following the conclusion of the event, all of the entries will be auctioned on the www.nbrc.us auction site. All buyers will be responsible for pick-up or shipping costs. A new shipping box will be charged to all buyers unless they are picking the bird or birds up in person. Any birds not sold in the auction, or birds that are not paid for, become the property of the NBRC and may be disposed of at the discretion of the loft manager. Payouts for the auction shall be 50% to the breeder, 25% to the loft manager, 25% to NBRC.
  1. Any breeder wishing to buy his own bird must be the high bidder but will only pay the 50%  owed to the loft manager and NBRC.
  2. Any contestant removing their bird entry, for any reason, after being received by loft  manager shall forfeit entry fee and prize opportunity!


  1. Training will begin upon the arrival of the birds. Birds will be flown daily, weather permitting  and the availability of the Loft Manager.
  1. The birds will be scored using the 11 bird NBRC criteria:  The bird must turn over backward, spinning quickly like a ball. The bird must fall vertically with the                appearance of a straight line from start to finish. The bird should finish cleanly

               and not tail ride or plate roll at the end. Loose, slow, sloppy, and/or plate rollers  should not be scored. Birds that roll less than 10 ft. should not be scored. Strong      

              points shall be quality, depth, speed, and kitting.     

  1. Birds must be kitting to be scored. Non-kitting birds shall not receive a score for any performance until returning to the kit
  1. The judge(s) will have no knowledge of where the birds came from (breeder) until after the conclusion of the final judged fly. If possible please band with non-personalized bands  but it is not mandatory
  2. Ruben Solorio will be the judge.
  3.  Harassment of any of the judges will be an automatic disqualification!
  4. Any entry that dies becomes lost, or is culled during the event will be announced ASAP  and not eligible for any awards or prizes.



  1. Based on 45 entries, $1000 will be available for awards.
  2. The $1000 will be divided as follows for the top 4 places. 

            First: $400

           Second: $300

          Third: $200

          Fourth: $100

  1. If the event does not fill up the money will be subtracted from the lowest-paid places first.
  2. First, second, and third-place finishers will be awarded plaques for their finishing placements.



Be sure when shipping birds to put Leon Kocisko’s phone number (731-614-6314) on the shipping box and to ship them on a Monday. This allows more time for the birds to arrive at Leon’s home before the weekend.


Leon Kocisko

475 Jones Lane

Lexington, Tn. 38351





NBRC Tennessee Futurity Entry Form






Bird color:_______________________________   2nd bird color:__________________


Band #__________________________________  Band #________________________


Background of bird and or birds for auction information._____________________________________________________________






Send entry form with perch fee($25) and entry fee ($25) before shipping bird or birds to:

Danny Sturgeon 14470 Monroe Rd 1059, Madison, Mo. 65263

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