The 2020 NBRC Convention

2020 – Idaho



NBRC 2020 Convention Sept. 17-19

 Convention Contact: Jarod Murray



Rough draft for itinerary :Subject to change.


Thursday 9/17/20:

Meet and Greet at the hotel from 4-9PM


Friday 9/18/20:  

Board buses Friday Morning approximately 6:30 am

List of Fliers:

  1. Jim Zimmerman
  2. Billy Dyer,  potentially 2 kits at Billy’s house.
  3. Jarod Murray and watch Convention Kit and his personal kit birds.

Break for lunch at the property of Jarod Murray.  We will have a lawn show and showcase the convention kit birds that are up for auction.

We will also have tents set up for gathering, as well as several options of food trucks for your lunch.  Please bring money for lunch.  Cash preferred to food trucks.

After lunch:

  1. Steve Moore
  2. Final flyer for the day will be Scott Brandt.

Travel back to Boise.  Dinner on your own.

Potential screening of the documentary:  “Pigeon Kings”  may be available on Friday night.  More information to follow.


Saturday 9/19/20:

Board buses at approximately 6:30 am

List of flyers for the day:

  1. Kenny Billings
  2. Beaver Dayton
  3. Austin Benjamin
  4. Jim Sargent
  5. Shane Anderson
  6. Roy Edmonds


Lunch will be on your own this day as well.  We will stop during the day at a local area with different food options.

Back to the hotel by 4:30-5pm.

Banquet to start at approximately 6.


Info for the Convention Kit:

I have been wanting to have Boise host the 2020 Convention ever since I attended my first Convention in Burbank.  In anticipation of the event, I had young birds from all over the country sent to me last September.   I have been flying and prepping these birds and they all will have been proven in the air for a year by the time everyone gets to see them.  There are some real deep and fast birds in this kit.

There will be birds available from some of the best breeders and pigeon men in the hobby.  A couple of examples are:  Mark Ritter, Kenny Billings, Jon Farr, Rick Shoening, Mike Wolden, Joe Emberton, and a few you may not have heard of.  The birds you will see in this kit are some of the best in the country.  You will have to be there, and see it to believe it.  Please look for more updated photos and information on the Facebook page, NBRC bulletin and

Thank you,

Jarod Murray

Aka  Murray Lofts



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