NBRC Patreon and Video Guidelines & Regulations

A. The NBRC will sponsor a YouTube channel set up by Jerry Chacon with video content for the purpose of promoting the hobby. Criteria for this channel are as follows:
               1. All videos that are to be uploaded onto the NBRC Youtube channel must receive prior approval by an oversight committee of three members of the Executive Council. This council shall consist of the current NBRC president and two other members appointed by the president.
              2. The NBRC YouTube channel will list the current president, secretary/treasurer, and Jerry Chacon as owners.
             3. A method of receiving payment for downloading any videos from the website will be routed through an online payment process (Patreon for example) to the NBRC treasury.
            4. Any profits that result from subscribers of the NBRC Youtube channel downloading video content can be used to finance additional videos that can be uploaded to the channel.
            5. The content and subject of future videos that are considered for use on the NBRC YouTube channel will have to be approved by the above-mentioned committee. Content that shall not be approved, but not limited to, are as follows:
               a. Any NBRC competition when a kit is being judged.
               b. Videos that contain profanity, discussion of harming birds of prey,                            political in any nature, lewdness, and any other content that is                                 deemed inappropriate by the committee.
            6. Any DVDs that are made from the videos will be made available for sale on the NBRC store.
            7. There shall be no expense incurred by the NBRC that exceeds the income received through the downloading of videos from the YouTube channel.
           8. Any changes or additions to the NBRC YouTube channel that are required in the future will be subject to approval by the three-member oversight committee.
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