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Blue Bar Baldhead by J.D. Dundee.



About the NBRC

The National Birmingham Roller Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the flying and breeding of the Birmingham Roller Pigeon. Through a combination of regional and national events, the NBRC fosters a camaraderie within its members.

With members in every state and across several countries, the NBRC strives to unite the breeders of Birmingham Rollers with the goal of sharing and learning from each other and from our birds.

Every year the culmination of our passion to breed top performers is exemplified with the National Championship Fly. During the early spring and fall, hundreds of competitors across the country fly their best kits in hopes of landing a coveted qualifying position for the final fly.


Please read if Joining or renewing memberships

If joining the NBRC with no current membership, click on the the link “Join the NBRC” on the right hand side pf the page and fill in the form. If you are renewing a current membership, you will need to log onto this site using your username and password. Once you have logged onto the site, you will need to click ” Renew on-line” also on the right. This will allow you to renew your membership as long as it is within 60 days of expiring. If you have trouble logging onto this site because you have forgotten your user name or password, email dannysturgeon@gmail.com for assistances.


2023 NBRC Bands and Personalized bands 

The NBRC 2023 bands (all types) order form will be in the September/October 2023 bulletin as well as they will be offered in the NBRC online store at that time. Prices for all types of metal bands have increased as well as mailing cost for the NBRC bands.

Personalized bands for any year can be ordered through the NBRC online store as well as through the order forms made available in the NBRC bulletins. The metal bands have increased in price as the manufactures raised the prices of those last year and the club elected to leave the prices as they were. This year with the increase in mailing and in per metal band the club needs to increase the prices. The plastic bands will remain the same price.

As always members of the club can order expired bands at a discount which can be mailed in a matter of days.


Congratulations to Peter Ott on winning the 20 bird 2022 NBRC Finals!

20 bird Final Scores

Peter Ott                    Region 8C            474.32   10/10/22
Kevin Monroe            Region6C            380.25   10/24/22
Brian McCormick     Region 9B           274.82   10/16/22
Derrick Washington Region 9F           274.82    10/17/22
Ron Ross                   Region 9C            265.33   10/9/22
Brian McCormick      Region 9B           227.76    10/16/22
Paul Mabie                 Region 9B           211.25     10/16/22
Clint Anderson         Region 7A            209.56     10/30/22
John Vanhook            Region 3A           193.44    9/29/22
Arnold Jackson          Region 9A           169         10/5/22
Ken Billings               Region 8C           163.80    10/11/22
Huey Conn                 Region 6A           141.12      10-26-22
Willie Silvey               Region 5              138.24     10-28-22
Sai/Jay Vang             Region 4A            111.61     10/19/22
Darrin Stone              Region 3A           86.4        9/27/22
Patrick Tate                Region 9G           86.4      10/7/22
Billy Reynolds          Region 3A           72           9/28/22
Charlie Gonzalez      Region 7B           70            11/3/22
Mark Ritter                Region4A           67.68      10/18/22
Jeff Lackey                  Region 6            61.92       10/24/22
Paul Dernier              Region 1A           60.48      10/1/22
Arthur Johnson          Region 9A           57.72     10/5/22
Mike Ayala                 Region 9I           48.96       10/7/22
Richard Daybell         Region7A           46.08       10-29-22
Tony Hatoum             Region 8A           44.64       10/14/22
Marco Solorio             Region  2B          44.64     10-20-22
Marshal Duncan        Region 9D          42.12      10/4/2022
Will Stenhouse          Region 9A           34.56      10/5/22
Sam Saieva                Region 1C          31.68      9/30/22
Arthur Garland           Region 9A          30.24       10/5/22
Rod Jones                    Region 9F           21.84       10/17/22
Joe Tiggert                   Region 1E          20.57      10-21-22
Tony Hatoum              Region 8A         20.28       10/14/22
Manny Moreno           Region 9D          18.72     10/7/22
Marlon Garnett          Region 14            17           10/15/22
Mike Ayala                 Region 9I            15.84     10/7/22
Joe Emberton             Region 9F          15.73 
Wayne Longest           Region 1E            8.47
Sylvester Burrow        Region 1D             0
Ricky Gonzalez            Region 7B            0          11/3/22
Mike Wolden              Region 9C             DQ
Daniel Foster              Region 9B             DQ       10/16/22
Keith Washington      Region 6C             DQ
Don Macauley             Region 14              DQ       10/15/22



Find us on Facebook

Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nbrconline/

You can access it by clicking the link in the address .   It is a very active page with lots of good information being shared.


What is a Birmingham Roller Pigeon?

John McDougall’s Flying American Roller – black beard OC. Photo from 1989. I first started flying rollers in 1944. These blacks were developed from a red cock × black hen that Bill Schreiber gave me around 1972

The Birmingham Roller Pigeon is a domesticated member of the bird family Columbidae. In particular, the Roller distinguishes itself by its ability to “roll”, or summersault backward in rapid, tight rotations. The rolling can be so fast on its axis that the pigeon resembles a ball of feathers spinning in mid-air.

Birmingham Rollers, like all domestic pigeons, possess a homing ability that drives them to return to where they feel safe and where they find sustenance. With this natural ability, enthusiasts launch groups (also known as kits) of Rollers into the air to watch and awe at their synchronized acrobatics. During the competition, these birds are judged on a variety of factors, including the number of birds rolling simultaneously, the depth of the roll, and the quality of the roll, as well as “kitting” (grouping or flocking) ability.

Noted past roller man and past President Nick Siders shared this short article edited from writing by Graham Dexter.

What does a proper Birmingham Roller need to do to be worth watching?

The roller should roll over backward holding its wings up to a parallel point at the top of its axis and on the wings on the downstroke should also finish when parallel. This gives the illusion, if fast enough, of a smooth spinning ball. When seen from below it may present as a spinning ‘H’ or if the wings go slightly in the parallel position it may look like an ‘A’. When the wings do not reach a full parallel point before commencing the downward stroke it may appear like an ‘X’ from below. For most novices, the most important thing to note is that when the bird is rolling and viewed from the side at a right angle, it should give the impression of either a solid ball or a ball with a hole through the middle.

Pensom’s ‘considerable distance’ should be long enough for the viewer to see it start, notice its shape, speed, and style, and whether the bird stops correctly. If the roll is too short the viewer will not have enough time to do all this.

The proper Birmingham Roller should start cleanly and sharply in the roll, roll in a straight line, show no change in speed or style throughout the duration of the roll, and stop cleanly, facing the same direction the kit is flying.

The bird should be capable of rolling frequently at least once a minute or more often. More important it should roll with the kit and as often as it rolls and should be able to roll throughout the duration of the fly. – Graham Dexter (edited)


J. Leroy Smith standing at a table on the right of the table with glasses, William Penson on left sitting on the table, Howard McCully on left kneeling and Stan Plona on right in white shirt
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