Bands - Numbered Personalized Bands, 8mm

Numbered personalized bands. Personal bands with a year, a sequence and your information.


Numbered Personalized Bands are available at $50.00 per 100 bands, plus $3.25 shipping (USA only).
These must be ordered in units of 100 of same color. Specify your choice of color from Red, White, Blue, Green, or Yellow.
The year can be placed vertical or it can be included on one of the lines.

There are three (3) lines available with 12 spaces per line. Please complete all of the information in the spaces provided. Place YEAR in one of the lines to have the year displayed on a line. If you don’t place YEAR in one of the lines, it will be displayed vertically.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery

When selecting quantity, you are ordering sets of 100.