NBRC Classic Futurity 2017-18



  1. All contestants must be dues current NBRC members in good standing, eligible to participate in NBRC competition. Loft managers will not be eligible to enter.
  2. Each entry shall be two (2) birds. Birds must be banded with a seamless band on a single leg, to allow for a special snap band to be placed on opposite leg. Birds must be unflown, hatch year young (6-8 weeks old).
  3. Entries will be limited to 40 (80 birds). Entry will be accepted on first come, first served basis after May 1, 2017.
  4. Entry fee will be $225 each entry. A $50 per entry perch fee is required at time of entry. The balance of entry fee shall be due when birds are shipped. Contestants are responsible for getting birds to loft manager at their expense. One entry per person/loft.
  5. Bird entries will be received between June 1 – June 15, 2017. Entries that die, become lost, injured etc. may be replaced at the contestants expense until July 15, 2017. After that date, no entries can be replaced for any reason.
  6. Any contestant removing their bird entry, for any reason, after being received by loft manager shall forfeit entry fee and prize opportunity.
  7. In the event of a major overfly, or disaster beyond loft managers control, all entry funds less expenses, shall be divided equally and returned to entrants.
  8. Classic kits/birds will be available for viewing by appointment with the loft manager only. No persons except the loft manager shall handle any classic entries.



  1. Training will begin June 15, 2017. Birds will start out being flown as two 40 bird kits, with one bird entry in each. Birds will be flown daily, weather permitting.
  2. Initially the judging will be the responsibility of the loft manager. Birds will be judged and ‘sorted’ by ability into an “A” and “B” team. From Oct-Mar, the loft manager will make monthly preliminary judgements and order birds best to worst. Birds will be judged by a panel during the final 3 months (Apr, May, June) approximately every third week (4 times). The panel will consist of loft manager and commuting distance NBRC members. Any NBRC member may participate as a panel member, by arrangement through the loft manager. The panel will not confer with each other while judging. All judging will be updated as it happens on NBRC website nbrc.us and on NBRC social media sites
  3. Birds must kit in order to be judged. Judging will be based on quality spinning, depth and frequency. The intent is to select the most outstanding individual.
  4. Judging will be completed one week prior to the conclusion of the event, to allow for prizes, plaques and recognition to be prepared. All results will be final at that time.
  5. Final results will be announced at a conclusion day fly event, approx. 1 year from June 15, 2017. Awards including prize money, plaques, t-shirts and jackets will be given on this date.
  6. The NBRC Classic will host a luncheon for attendees at the conclusion fly, at the loft managers residence.
  7. Any entry that dies, becomes lost or is culled during the event will be announced ASAP. Regular updates will be kept on the NBRC website nbrc.us and on NBRC facebook sites and other NBRC social media.


Based on 40 entries, $9,000 available to operate the futurity.

$5500 in prizes will be awarded to top 10 placements on the following schedule:

  1. $1500
  2. $1000
  3. $700
  4. $500
  5. $400
  6. $350
  7. $300
  8. $275
  9. $250
  10. $225

Allowance of $1000 for plaques to be awarded to top 10 places. A jacket will be given to the champion. All contestants will receive a t-shirt with classic logo and names of competitors. Lunch for conclusion day.

Allowance of $1000 for feed, medication, kit box construction and pigeon supplies. The loft manager shall maintain an expense sheet for purposes of refunding monies in the event of a catastrophe.

Allowance for $1500 to be paid to the loft manager for hosting the futurity.





All entries will be auctioned after the event on nbrc.us auction site. All auction revenues will go to NBRC. Entrants who buy their own entry back shall have a 30% discounts. All buyers will be responsible for pick up or shipping. Some boxes may be available by arrangement with loft manager. Any birds not sold in the auction, or birds that are not paid for, become the property of the NBRC Classic and may be disposed of at the discretion of the futurity director.