» 2 Turner squeakers donated by Van Newsome
2 Turner squeakers donated by Van Newsome
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Carolina Performing Roller Club member Van Newsome is donating 2 squeakers out of his James Turner birds.  Van and a number of the Carolina fliers, as well as fliers across the U.S., have shown that the Turner birds represent quality and competitive rollers in the air.   At the Carolina NBRC convention last year the attendees got to see the influence that the Turner birds have had on the success of their area.  There are several Master Fliers, National Champions, and a World Champion in this very competitive region.  I, Don Macauley, felt Van's birds showed the best individual quality in the air overall on that day he flew at the convention. These squeakers are the real deal!   Winning bidder to send a US approved shipping box and cover shipping expenses.
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