To participate in NBRC Sponsored events like the National Convention or the National Championship Fly, you need to be an active member. In addition to access to our events, you will also receive our bi-monthly bulletins, full of great articles and useful information to help you make the best of your pigeons.

Our online membership function is not working and will not be until our new website is up and running. This should be very soon. Until then please use the below method to join or renew your NBRC membership. Thank you for your understanding while we work on providing a new website with proper web support and the features the NBRC and it’s members should have. Respectfully, Don Macauley NBRC President/Fly Director.

NBRC MEMBERSHIP Dues, New Membership or Renewal. Pay Online via PayPal.
It only takes 5 minutes at best.
NBRC Membership dues are as following:
1 Year Membership = $34.00
2 Year Membership = $66.00
Through PayPal. Once logged in, select. “Make a Payment”. You will be asked to enter the account or email address of who you wish to forward your payment to. Enter Danny Sturgeon’s Paypal Address After that you will be asked, “What type of payment is this?” Select “Personal”. Afterwards, you will be asked to enter the $ amount of your payment. Enter $34 for a 1 year membership/renewal or $66.00 for a 2 year membership/renewal. PayPal adds their fee for their service in the amount of $2.21. Final total $36.21 for 1 year or $68.21 for 2 years. Just below on that portion of the transaction you will see a “Note Option”. Simply click it and within it clarify either a 1 or 2 Year membership, your name, address, phone Number, and if you wish your email address. You are done and membership is current. Upon successful completion of the transaction you will receive a digital reciept of purchase from PayPal as proof of purchase.
Danny Sturgeon will forward all memberships to Jay Alnimer. The date of your transaction you are considered a current member. Danny will also accept payments for bands and any merchandise from the NBRC Store thru this method until our new website is up and running. Special thanks to George Aldana, Danny Sturgeon, and Jay Alnimer for getting this temporary membership payment online until our new website is in action. We appreciate your support of the NBRC.