2012 NCF Master Flyer Points

The Master Flyer points for the 2012 National Championship Competition have been calculated and posted on the NBRC website. Please review them for accuracy and feel free to contact me if any additions or corrections are needed. Congratulations to all those competitors who earned points toward their Master Flyer Award.

Cliff Ball, Vice-President

Mangile’s Pigeon Pages

Mangile’s Pigeon Pages Pigeon Genetics Newsletter Issue #67 July 1973, pages 27-29. WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT THE “DIRTY” COLORATION? by: Robert J. Mangile      When one observes a flock of Homing Pigeons it is evident that some of the blue pigeons are of a much more  “dirty” appearing coloration (not “smoky”) as compared to…

What is A Breed? by Cliff Ball

What is a breed? To put the question more precisely, what are the necessary conditions that enable us to say with conviction, “this group of animals constitutes a distinct breed?” A useful definition of “breed” is that a breed is a group of domesticated animals that are similar enough (usually by appearance, production, or origin)…